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All Badges in Stray

Does the Neko-chan want to know how to get all those shiny badges in Stray? It got in the comfiest place.

In Stray, you will some handful of collectible items, let it be shiny or some laser light that you have been chasing for the past half an hour. Well, let’s hope it’s those Zurks again behind the plot. And no, there is no laser light to chase. Who knows if you find a thread ball or not?

Anyway, by completing some fun little quests, you will be granted some shiny badges. Add those onto your jacket and wake up daily to feel a bit proud of yourself. So today, I’ll be guiding you to find those badges in Stray. I hope it lessens your hassles a bit. Let’s hop in!

However, do you know how long it takes to finish up Stray?

How to get the badges in Stray

You can get a total of 6 badges in the game. As the main story streams, you will get one on its own. Now for the others, you have to roam around the Dead City. However, these badges are also a great way to customize our little Neko as there aren’t many options to groom it. So without further ado, let’s take you through the badge hunting mission.

Music Badge

You can get a cool-looking tune-y Music Badge from Morusque. For that, you need to collect eight pieces of music sheets from the streets of Dead City. Here is the complete guide on collecting all of them with less hassle.

After collecting the sheets, give them to Morusque to tune those up. He will give you the badge later on.

all badges stray

Outsider Badge

This one here is part of the main story. So you really don’t have to sweat a lot for this one. In Chapter 6, you will be given a task to repair a Broken Tracker. After that, Seamus will open the gate to the outside. He will then hand over the Outsider Badge.

all badges stray

Plant Badge

You will find this one in the Antvillage. What you need to do is, get a purple, red, and yellow plant and give these to Malo. Even though this one is pretty straightforward, you might feel like sweating a bit while roaming the streets of Antivillage. We have a complete walkthrough on the easiest way to get those plants. Check it out here.

Plant Badge

Cat Badge

Ah yes, the Cat Badge. First of all, run to Midtown. On the shop street, you will see the shopkeeper robot talking to another robot. Hop in the shop, jump over the counter and get inside. You will find a green sign. Tear it down, and you will find a code.

As you’ve toyed with most of your life, even the Devs didn’t lose the chance. The code will be in reverse. Translate it later on. Now, you will find a safe vault on the shelf at the far wall. Climb to it and put on the code. And there will be the Cat Badge. So cute!

all badges stray

Neco Badge

Ah yes, the Japanese version of Cat Badge. You will find it in Midtown as well. Just get to the Neco Facility. There will be a mission eventually to steal an atomic battery. Anyway, on your way through, you will see a Neco Corp employee looking for his lost keys.

Now, all you have to do is avoid the sentinels just when you go on a little bit. After that, jump on the barrels. You will find the keys in a dump of rubbish. Take the keys back to him, and he will reward you generously. And yes, by generous, I mean the shinier Neco Badge.

Neco Badge

Police Badge

Now the real one is here to make the sweat go down. First of all, head for the clothing shop. There will be an alleyway on the left just past the store. On the right, there should be a table against the wall. Hop on the table and then jump onto the air conditioner. Reach the top.

You will find a window with bars. Squeeze yourself through the bars as the Neko are known to be “Liquid.” Hop inside, and you will see a dead bot on the floor with the Police Badge. Be the proud owner.

all badges stray

There you go, fellow Neko. These are the freshest and comfiest ways to get hold of those shiny badges in Stray.

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