All Music Sheet Locations in Stray

Stray has a musician robot that can play the music you bring to him. So here are all the music sheet locations in Stray.

Stray is a fairly linear game with a few open-world-like sections. It has some light puzzle and exploration-based gameplay. But the fact that you play as a cat sets it apart from any other game. It is one of the more unique games we have seen in recent years.

The main focus of the Stray is its calm gameplay and story. But throughout its open world-like sections, there are also some hidden items you can find. They are often associated with getting extra trophies, thus making them essential items to find if you want to hunt down all the trophies.

But even if you are not doing trophy hunting, some of these items are still a good addition to the game. One of these items is the Music Sheets. Music sheets unlock new music for the robot musician. So they are worth hunting down if you want to listen to some new and cool music. Here are all the music sheet locations in Stray.

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Stray: All Music Sheet Locations

Stray has quite a few music sheets you can collect, eight to be precise. They are scattered worldwide and are necessary to complete an achievement. So here are all the locations of Music Sheets in Stray:

Music Sheet Location 1

The first music sheet is located inside Momo’s apartment. This is the place you go to start the notebook quest. Once you are inside the apartment, go to the back of it.

Momo's apartment Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

You will find a door with bars at the bottom. Go through the bar, and you will end up inside a bathroom. Climb up the boxes that are stacked inside the bathroom. The music sheet is on top of these boxes.

Music Sheet Location 2

This music sheet is on a balcony located to the right of Clementine’s Apartment. To reach the place, first, leave Momo’s Apartment and take the bucket elevator. Then follow the roof until you reach the pipes that lead to Clementine’s Apartment.

Balcony Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Just before reaching Clem’s apartment’s window, you will see a balcony right of you. Get on the balcony, and the music sheet will be on the table.

Music Sheet Location 3

For this one, we will have to go to Elliot’s room. We will start from the balcony where you picked the 2nd music sheet, then make our way there. So, get onto the pipe from the balcony and make your way down to the road.

Elliot's room Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

On the road, you will find a door you can scratch. Scratch the door, and Elliot will open it. Once opened, get inside the room, and you will find the music sheet on the wall beside his photo.

Music Sheet Location 4

Just like before, we will start from the previous location we left off. For this music sheet, you have to trade for an energy drink. So from Elliot’s door, take a left and keep going until you reach a set of stairs. Now go up the stairs and take another left.

Here you will find a set of stairs you have to go down. Going down this stair will lead you to the front of a vending machine. Buy a drink from it.

Merchant Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Now take the drink, go back up the stairs, and keep going straight until you reach a hut with a robot merchant. Once you reach the hut, you can interact with the music sheet. Doing so, the robot will tell you to trade for a drink. Give him the drink, and this music sheet will be yours.

Music Sheet Location 5

For music sheet 5, we have to go to the bar. From the merchant robot, go back up the stairs and this time take a right. You will find yourself in front of a bar with a big red Neon sign.

Bar Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Get into the 2nd floor of the bar. You will find this music sheet on the middle table of the 2nd floor of this bar.

Music Sheet Location 6

For the next one, we will go inside Clementine’s Apartment. So, make your way back up on the pipe and enter Clem’s Apartment through the window we avoided before.

Clem's bedside Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Once inside, walk through the square holes on the door to enter the bedroom. The music sheet will be on the shelf beside the bed.

Music Sheet Location 7

The 7th Music Sheet is located inside the doc’s library on the corner of the slums. To reach this place, take the window to get out from Clem’s Apartment, and you should end up back on the pipe. Now follow the pipe to the roof it connects to.

Then go right from roof to roof, and you will end up in the very corner apartment of the slums. This apartment has a blue neon light with a “:c” symbol on it on its balcony. Enter the building through this balcony.

Piano Music Sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

This is the Doc’s Library. Go inside the library and search for a piano inside. The music sheet is on this piano inside the library.

Music Sheet Location 8

We have to head back to the vending machine for the last music sheet location. Therefore, make your way out of the doc’s library and back to the street level. Now, run back to the vending machine.

Once you reach the vending machine, keep going forward, then take a left turn to reach the garbage area. You will find a safe here that unlocks by using code 1283.

Garbage Safe music sheet in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Use this code to unlock the safe and claim your last music sheet from inside the safe.

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