Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Hang Glider

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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Hang Glider

Learn all you need to know about the recently added item, the Hang Glider, in Sons of the Forest and how to get it.

Set in a dense forest, Sons of the Forest follows the story of a survivor who finds themselves stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes. As the player navigates through the forest, they must gather resources, build shelter, and defend themselves against terrifying creatures that lurk in the shadows.

In addition to its impressive visuals, Sons of the Forest also features a deep and engaging gameplay experience. The game offers a variety of different survival mechanics, such as hunting and fishing, as well as crafting and building. Players must use these skills to gather resources and create the tools and weapons necessary to survive in the forest.

Talking about items, in the most recently released patch, devs have added Hang Glider to travel faster than ever. Moreover, it is also a fun item to explore all over the region all at once. Scroll down below to learn more about it!

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Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Needless to say, the addition of the Hang Glider potentially added a new layer of gameplay and strategy for players to explore. You can navigate the expansive forest environment more efficiently. With the Hang Glider, you can also soar above the treetops and survey their surroundings, potentially spotting useful resources or avoiding danger.

However, there are certain drawbacks to this Hang Glider. First of all, you cannot craft it. Means you have to search in various locations to get your hands on it. Moreover, you cannot store this in your Inventory either. Well, you can carry it, at the very least. And yes, this is not a flying machine; you cannot just expect to fly from anywhere. Carry it on high ground and spread your wings—that’s how to do it!

How to get the Hang Glider

You can find Hang Gliders in various locations. As of now, we are still exploring the high areas for the Hang Gliders. There is a high chance that there could be more.

Coastal Cliff in North

You will find this Hang Glider on top of a mountain on the map’s far NorthWestern region. As an added bonus, you will also find the Binoculars here.

hang glider coastal cliff

Cliff in NorthWest

This Hang Glider sits on the side of the cliff.

hang glider in cliff in northwest

Mountain Wall in NorthEast

You can get this Glider in the North Eastern Region. The Glider will be next to a mountain wall.

hang glider in Mountain Wall in NorthEast

Snowy Mountain Region

Around the Snowy Mountain area, you can find Five of the Hang Gliders. The locations are pinpointed on the map below.

hang glider in snowy mountain
hang glider in snowy mountain

Far East

Head to the far Eastern side of the map. Now, be careful out there, as there is a high chance of meeting those cannibals.

hang glider in far east

Seaside in SouthWest

You will find another Hang Glider at the far bottom of the map. Along with a cannibal camp, you will also get some useful resources from there.

hang glider seaside in southwest

And that is all I had for the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other cooked materials, like all console commands and cheats, and all the creatures in Sons of the Forest. Prosst!

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