Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Tech Armor

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Among the many things Sons of The Forest lets you craft, the Tech Armor is one of the best. It provides a lot of protection to the player. Here is how you can craft it in the game.

Sons of The Forest takes the formula from the previous game, The Forest, and improves upon it. In The Forest, you were a father stranded on the island searching for his son. So your character was relatively inexperienced in combat and crafting. However, this time you play as a soldier on a rescue mission. So you have a lot more arsenal to use.

Sons Of The Forest has some new and advanced items for you to build. However, that doesn’t mean they will be easy to craft. But if you can craft one of them, it will be a good investment for the rest of your adventure. Tech Armor is one such item you can craft in the game. So here is how you can craft Tech Armor in Sons of The Forest.

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Tech Armor in Sons of The Forest

Sons of The Forest have a lot more items and things to do than its predecessor. You can craft Tech Armor in the game from the 3D printers inside the island’s caves. But they are not so easy to build as they require many rare materials and a lot of them too. These are the items you will need for 1 piece of Tech Armor.

  • Wire x1
  • Circuit Board x1
  • Batteries x1
  • Duct Tape x1
  • Tech Mesh x1

This is the recipe for a single piece of Tech Armor. If you want to cover the whole body with it, you will need 10 pieces of armor. So each of these ingredients, you will need 10 times the normal amount. And that is not all; you will also have to make the Tech Mesh by yourself as it doesn’t spawn naturally.

To make a Tech Mesh, you will need 250ml printer resin for each piece. You can find the resin in different caves with 3D printers. There are some at the crash site, landmarks, and cannibal camps too. Once you have enough resin, use them on the printer to make a tech mesh. The other items can be looted around the island.

Once you have all the items, open your crafting inventory and combine everything to get yourself a Tech Armor. Then repeat it 10 more times to cover the whole body with it. These armors can break if enough damage is done to them. So make sure you wear them for the crucial fights of the game.

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