Sona, Ryze, Kennen, Soraka, and Varus are getting some notable nerfs on LoL patch 11.19

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends patch 11.19 is going to feature some massive nerfs to Sona, Ryze, Kennen, Soraka, and Varus.

League of Legends’ Lead Game Designer, Riot Jag has previewed the upcoming LoL patch 11.19. The last couple of patches were all about shifting the meta and patch 11.19 is no different. Riot is nerfing some of the “overpowered” champions who are currently dominating the soloq like Sona and Soraka along with pro games focused Ryze, Kennen, and Varus.

All the nerfs will be available in patch 11.19 PBE for testing and full changes are scheduled to go live on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Sona Nerf Patch 11.19

  • Base Stats
    • Armor: 28 > > > 26
  • Hymn of Valor (Q)
    • REVERTED: No longer targets enemies Sona cannot see.
  • Song of Celerity (E)
    • BUGFIX: Power Chord – Tempo’s slow no longer bypasses effects that reduce slows (Tenacity, Slow Resist, Slow Immunity).
    • Target: -1%

Sona recently received her long-awaited mini-rework on patch 11.16. The main goal of that update was to reward Sona players for playing with her allies and to make her a better bot lane carry rather than solo lane champion.

However, after that mini-rework, her presence in the soloq increased quite significantly. She went from having a normal 50% win rate to a 52+% win rate in one patch. And currently, she has a whopping 53.51% win rate in Plat+ Elo while having a 6.7% pick rate.

Although Riot did tease her nerf last month, they wanted to gather players’ feedback before taking any actions. But now they are finally nerfing her on LoL patch 11.19.

Ryze Nerf Patch 11.19

  • Overload (Q):
    • AP lowered from 45% to 40%
  • Spell Flux (E): 
    • Cooldown increased from 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 to 3.5/3.25/3/2.75/2.5

Well, another Worlds patch another nerf for The Rogue Mage. Although he has one of the lowest win rates in soloq, just because he will be picked by some pro players in Worlds (even though he only had a 46.5% win rate in regular split) he is getting some nerfs to his Q and E.

Kennen Nerf Patch 11.19

  • Thundering Shuriken (Q):
    • Damage lowered from [85/130/175/220/265 (+80% AP)] to [75/120/165/210/255 (+75% AP)]

Unlike Ryze, Kennen has been finding some serious success in the pro games in recent times. He had a 58.2% win rate in the Summer split while performing very well in the EU Masters and LJL AL. Moreover, he is also pretty much unstoppable when played by Nuguri, Canna, and some other pro players.

Soraka Nerf Patch 11.19

  • R:
    • Heal: 150-350 >>> 130-300

Similar to Sona, Soraka is also having a great time in the soloq after getting that massive update on patch 11.18. Just after that ultimate buff alone where it now cleanses Grievous Wounds, her win rate increased by 3% while having a 10.5% pick rate. Therefore, Riot is already nerfing her on patch 11.19.

Varus Nerf Patch 11.19

  • Q:
    • Cooldown: 16-10 >>> 16-12

Although he has very poor stats in the soloq, his presence in the pro games is wild. In the Summer split, he had a massive 64.3% presence in the bot lane while having a 50.4% win rate. Moreover, he was also getting heavily prioritize by almost every major region, for which Riot is nerfing him before the Worlds.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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