Someone finally made it to the Airship Island in Apex Legends’ Firing Range

Finally, someone did it!

Back on October 11, 2019, Respawn added a highly desired feature called the Firing Range in Apex Legends.

Since players were asking for a place to practice their skills on a dummy, Respawn happily obliged. As soon as it dropped, players were really curious about the Airship Island. It was so far away that most players thought there is no way to reach it. Finally, after experimenting with it for some time, some willful personals decided to reach that Island.

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Airship Island

Airship Island

Reddit user XeDevn shared this clip on r/apexlegends. It looks like they used a caustic trap paired with a friendly-looking robot to reach the impossible. On asked if there was anything interesting up there XeDecn replied: “Other than the ship, that is not solid btw, not really lol. There is a little tower you can climb up that has a few targets though!

Respawn has launched the firing range as a playground for Easter egg hunters. This place yearns for these kinds of individuals who enjoy the thrill of finding something that was hidden on purpose.

Respawn has made it clear that the Firing range will have a variety of secrets to unlock. From third-person mode to dummies firing back, this place is a playground for those individuals who are hellbent on finding out easter eggs.

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