Shatterline: How to Fix Error 01-00 on Windows 11

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Frag Lab

A recent update from Frag Lab is causing Error 01-00 Error for many Windows 11 users in Shatterline. Fortunately, they also announced a fix for it.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game currently has a roguelike Co-Op mode called Expedition and several traditional game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-bomb, and Escort.

The game has a very satisfactory shooting mechanism, resembling a lot of Call of Duty and Battlefield. However, the characters or Operatives in the game have distinct abilities similar to VALORANT and Rainbow Six Siege, categorized into 4 different classes.

With time, the game is gaining popularity in the FPS gaming community. However, it is not free from flaws as an early access game. Recently, Windows 11 users have been facing a peculiar Error 01-00 which is preventing players from enjoying Shatterline.

What is Error 01-00 in Shatterline?

When Shatterline faces any issues, it shows an Error code. Similarly, Error 01-00 means that there have been some issues with your game that are preventing you from connecting to Shatterline servers and playing it uninterrupted.

Credit: Frag Lab

The 01-00 error is a trickier one. It indicates that the user’s PC cannot reach Shatterline servers. While some 01-00 reports are associated with USB Wi-Fi/4g/5g sticks or Internet connection via mobile phones, other reports may indicate some traffic issues because of firewall settings, ISP restrictions, etc.

How to Fix Error 01-00 in Shatterline

Although Frag Lab is yet to release a permanent fix for the Error 01-00 issue, there is a workaround that they have found in Windows 11 which is to eliminate your Error 01-00 in Shatterline.

Microsoft recently released the Update KB5018496 for Windows 11. Among other things, the update addressed an issue that affected some types of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections. These connections might have handshake failures. Such failures could have led to Error 01-00 in Shatterline.

To download and install the KB5018496 update in Windows 11:

  • Go to Windows Search.
  • Type Settings and click on it.
  • Go to Update & Security> Windows Update.
  • In the Optional updates available area, you’ll find the link to download and install the update.

After installing the update, hopefully, your issue regarding Error 01-00 will be solved. However, some users might still face Error 01-00. Unfortunately, they need to wait for the official announcement from Frag Lab.

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