GTA 6 Leak Reveal Protagonist Names

Find out about the protagonist names from a massive leak of GTA 6 that we have managed to gather.

“It’s either This or Dealing Dimebags’. The bullets come crackin’ at you buttock either way,” said Frank. Even he got tired after a 9-year long haul to wait for the next episode in the Grand Theft Auto saga. Lots of memes and lots of jokes that are based on GTA 6 can finally get to rest after getting to know what we have come across today for you.

On this very day, from various Twitter accounts, there were seen some screenshots of gameplay that are rumored to be the leak of the protagonist of GTA 6. And I think you should worry less as these leaks’ legitimacy is getting stronger by the hour.

GTA 6 Leak Protagonist Names

We even got to see some footage from the gameplay, and that seems to close the deal by several folds. However, the footage also tells us about the protagonists we will be bonding with very soon.

Till now, we can confirm 2 protagonists. One female named Lucia. And the other one is a male who goes by the name Jason. The names can be seen pretty clearly from the Dev menu that was seen in the clips.

Credit: Melzy and Jinx

These are the latest info on the leak of the protagonist.

Hang with us to get more updates from GTA 6 and others as well. Till new leaks and reveals, Au Revoir!

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