Sett, Shen, and Galio are on the patch 10.18 nerf list

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Meta champions like Sett, Shen, and Galio are getting some noticeable nerfs on the upcoming patch 10.18.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the upcoming patch 10.18, and it seems like they are nerfing Sett, Shen, and Galio along with Ashe and Kog’maw. All the new changes will hit PBE soon for testing and will go live on September 2, 2020.

Sett Nerf Patch 10.18

  • Passive: Second attack bonus damage: 5-90 (+15% tAD) >>> 5-90 (+50% bAD)
  • Q: Damage: 10-50 (+1-5% max HP) (+1% per 100 tAD) >>> 10-50 (+2-3.6% per 100 tAD)

Ever since his release on patch 10.1, Sett the boss has been one of the most picked champions in League of Legends both in the pro games and the solo queue. Which resulted in him getting nerfs in multiple patches.

With all these nerfs, his presence in the solo queue has dropped significantly as he went from having a 56% win rate to just a 49.58% win rate in patch 10.17. However, his appearance in pro games has remained the same. Pro players still prioritize him in their games and in the Summer 2020 split, he is already picked in 728 games where he has a 65% win rate. As the 2020 Worlds is just around the corner, Riot is nerfing him once again in the upcoming patch 10.18.

Shen Nerf Patch 10.18

  • Shield: 70-121 >>> 60-111

Shen recently got a buff on patch 10.15 where Riot buffed his passive shield by 20. And apparently with this buff, Shen has managed to become one of the most dominant Top lane champions at this moment. Currently, on patch 10.17, he has a 52.4% win rate with a 9.9% pick rate. His presence in the pro games is quite remarkable as well. Therefore, he will be getting nerfs in the upcoming patch 10.18.

Galio Nerf Patch 10.18

  • Q: Gust base damage: 80-220 >>> 70-210

Galio has pretty similar stats as Shen. He also has a 52.4% win rate in the Plat+ Elo with a 5.6% pick rate. His presence in the recent pro games has increased as well. And with Worlds coming in, Riot is taking away some of his strength in patch 10.18.

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