Sena, Shaco, Garen, and Darius are targeted to get nerfs in patch 10.6

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Sena, Shaco, Garen, and Darius are being targeted by Riot Games to receive nerfs in the upcoming patch 10.6.

Mark Yetter, the Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, tweeted today that they are planning to nerf five champions in patch 10.6. And these champions are Aphelios, Sena, Shaco, Garen, and Darius.

Sena Nerf Patch 10.6

  • Passive: AD per soul 1>>>0.75
  • Weakened Soul cooldown per champion 4>>>6/5/4s at level 1/6/11

Senna is currently the most popular support champion in patch 10.5 as he has a massive 52.10% win rate with a 19.37% pick rate. She is also one of the most picked champions in the pro games.

Many players are currently abusing the no farm or low farm Senna ad carry. And according to the report, she grants more golds without farming. With this strategy and her pick and win rate clearly show how broken she is and deserves this nerf in patch 10.6.

Shaco Nerf Patch 10.6

  • R: Clone attack damage 75%>>>60% AD.

Shaco currently has a 52.65% win rate with a 3.86% pick rate in the jungle. In patch 10.6, they are targeting his clone’s AD damage as everyone is currently abusing full AD Shaco jungle.

Garen Nerf Patch 10.6

  • Magic resist per level 1.25>>>0.75
  • E crit scaling 50>>>33%

Garen is currently one of the most broken champions in League of Legends patch 10.5. He has a massive 53.64% win rate with a 16.17% pick rate in the top lane and a 54% win rate with a 2.51% pick rate in mid lane.

Many players including Reddit was furious about Garena and Darius being too overpowered. And now Riot decided to nerf his Magic resist and his E crit scaling by 17%.

Darius Nerf Patch 10.6

  • W: bonus damage 50-70>>>40-60% AD
  • W: mana cost 30>>>40
  • E: mana cost 45>>>60

Darius is also dominating Top lane alongside with Garen. He currently has a 51.87% win rate with a 10.18% pick rate.

With this nerf in patch 10.6, he will lose 10% AD from his W. And his mana cost for W will go up by 10 and his E mana cost will be 60 which is 15 more mana than what he has now.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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