League of Legends Season 13 Split 2 Will Have “Softer” MMR Reset

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot has said that the MMR reset for Split 2 of Season 13 will be Softer than at the start of the year.

With all the stuff coming to League of Legends post-mid-season, Riot seems to be putting in the work. Patch 13.11 saw the release of the DRX skins, while Patch 13.12 brought in much other stuff. The buffs address outliers, while the nerfs target the Pro Play mainstays.

The Rell rework is going strong, while Riot is bringing some nerfs to the champion. Meanwhile, Lucian and Rumble are getting some big adjustments to their respective kits. Patch 13.12 will also release the new Shan Hai Scrolls skins and the brand new Mythic skin, Crystalis Motus Leona.

Also, Riot is bringing a lot of changes after Patch 13.12. The Ranked and Clash system is getting massive updates, with less frequent tournaments, a new Ranked tier, etc. Riot also unveiled the upcoming Victorious Skin for Ranked Split 1 as well.

With the start of Ranked Split 2 approaching and all the changes coming, Riot talked about the MMR reset for the split. According to them, it will be a softer reset. Thus, this is what we know so far.

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Season 13 Split 2 “Softer” MMR Reset

As per Riot Meddler, the reset will be softer. He posted this on Reddit, and Spideraxe shared this on Twitter.

This means that we will have a reset where Riot will allow players to stay close to their MMR at the end of Split 1. It will be closer to the rank they end up in and maybe even their current rank. The new Ranked tier should change that fairly so we could even end up in a relatively higher rank after placements.

With a softer reset, it should be a faster climb for most players. Let’s hope with all the changes coming to Ranked, it does not upset the apple cart too much and improves the player experience.

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