Riot to nerf Katarina, Darius, Galio, and Talon in patch 11.10

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends patch 11.10 is going to feature nerf of widely popular champions like Katarina, Darius, Galio, and Talon.

League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the upcoming patch 11.10. And it seems, three Mid lane champions Katarina, Galio, and Talon are set to receive nerfs along with Top lane champion Darius.

Katarina Nerf Patch 11.10

  • Base stats:
    • Movement Speed: 340 >>> 335

Katarina is the most lethal and snowball champion in the League of Legends if the players know how to play her properly. After the preseason changes, her presence spiked significantly and she became one of the most popular champions in the Mid lane. Moreover, after the Kraken Slayer’s bug fix, patch 11.4 changes helped her to stay relevant.

Even though her win rate is pretty average in the lower Elo, she shines in Dimond 2+ soloq. As she currently has the third-highest pick rate in the Mid lane while having a 51% win rate, Riot is nerfing her in patch 11.10.

Darius Nerf Patch 11.10

  • E:
    • Cooldown: 24-12 >>> 26-18

Even though Darius received a buff in the jungle in patch 11.8, he is still one of the most dominant champions in the Top lane. Currently, in patch 11.9, he has a massive 31.1% ban rate in Plat+ Elo while having a 51.62% win rate and a 7.7% pick rate. Therefore, Riot is taking away some of his strength in patch 11.10.

Galio Nerf Patch 11.10

  • W:
    • Cooldown: 18-16 >>> 18
    • Magic damage shield: 8-20% max health >>> 8-15% max health

Galio received no kind of buffs or nerfs in season 11, however, for the last couple of patches, he is managing to hold a 52.31% win rate in the Mid lane. As a result, he will have to face nerfs in the upcoming patch 11.10.

Talon Nerf Patch 11.10

  • Q:
    • Bonus Attack Damage Ratio: 110% >>> 100%

Similar to Katarina, Talon is also dominating the soloq because of his insane roaming potential and great wave clear in the lane. Currently, he has a 52.13% win rate with a 5.5% pick rate, making him a candidate for the patch 11.10 nerf list.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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