Riot Reverts Plans To Remove Refund Tokens From League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Refund Tokens will not be removed in League of Legends as Riot reverts their plans.

The store in League of Legends is one of the more integral parts of the game. While the focus always goes into the game modes, champions, and such, a big part of the system does not exist without the store. Through the store, we get to buy the champions, cosmetics, rune pages, bundles, etc., we want.

The biggest parts of the store are buying champions/rune pages or acquiring cosmetics. Cosmetics incentivize players to jump in and play their favorite champions. These skins add a different level of satisfaction for players. Also, Riot keeps adding new skins, like the new Broken Covenant skins are coming along with a Legendary Riven cosmetic.

Since players tend to buy a bunch of skins, a refund system was in place to recoup the RP spent. It works based on tokens, as players could use them to refund a cosmetic. Riot had planned to remove refund tokens, but they reverted to that idea recently. Here is why they changed their mind on the issue.

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The Refund System

To give you guys an idea of how the current refund system works, here is a TL;DR of it.

  • Refund Tokens are used to refund any purchase.
  • Players receive one refund token per year.
  • This can be stacked to three tokens at most (will take three years/seasons).
  • Tokens will be rewarded once per season at the start of it.

To find out what you can and cannot refund, visit the following official FAQ.

Why is Riot Reverting Their Decision on Refund Tokens?

Riot announced back in Patch 13.1 that they would remove the refund tokens. This was meant to occur in Patch 13.11, with all refund tokens expiring. However, in the Patch 13.4 notes, Riot walked back on that.

They apologized for the mixed messaging and said the refund system would stay. Riot made this decision after returning to the drawing board and re-evaluating the situation. This means that refund tokens will stay, and players will still get a token per season.

All in all, it was a good decision considering the tokens give players control of refunding unwanted purchases.

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