Riot Removing Refund Tokens In Patch 13.11

Riot will be removing Refund Tokens from League of Legends later this year.

The Refund System is a great way to refund any unwanted skin in League of Legends. Have you ever purchased skin for a champion only to learn that you dislike the skin? Well, you could refund the skin with the Refund System.

Each year Riot gives out three Refund Tokens to every player. Said players can then use the tokens to return a skin, a ward, or an icon within 90 days of purchasing an item, regardless of whether the item was used or not. However, starting with Patch 13.11, we will no longer be able to use Refund Tokens.

In the Patch 13.1 notes, Riot announced that they will discontinue the use of Refund Tokens. In its place, they will be introducing a new method in line with Riot’s other titles. But, the current tokens will be eligible to use until Patch 13.11 and will be removed after. So we only have a few months to use the tokens.

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Refund Tokens Removed In 2023

According to Riot, Due to the current system’s complexity, they will make some changes to the current Refund System. But, they will keep the Refund Tokens for a few months. Riot will also be issuing a token refresh up to the maximum amount of 3 to start off 2023.

“However, due to the aforementioned complexity, we’ve made the difficult decision to remove refund tokens entirely later this year in patch 13.11. This will bring the refund policy in line with our other games, removing the need to maintain an older system just for League. As a result, the base refund policy will shift in patch 13.11 as well.”

In accordance with their new policy, Instead of 90 days, the eligible content will be refundable for up to 14 days from purchase.

They also mentioned, “More detailed information around content eligibility, what constitutes “used content,” and special edge cases can be found on our support site.” Besides that, Riot didn’t share much information about the new policy.

So basically, we have about half a year to use the current Refund Tokens, and from Wednesday, June 28, Patch 13.11 onwards, we won’t be able to use the tokens anymore.

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