Riot Reportedly Renames ‘Goliath’s Ascendancy’ and ‘Still-Beating Strength’ to ‘HeartSteel’

Riot is renaming one of the new Mythics, Goliath’s Ascendancy, to Still Beating Strength that’s coming in League of Legends. In the latest update, the item has been further renamed to Heartsteel.

As we approach the preseason of League of Legends in November, we are getting a glimpse at the changes that are coming up. Most of the time, Riot tries to change things up in the preseason to give the game a different look.

Preseason 2023 is set to be no different, as we are getting a whole lot of changes. Chemtech Drake is returning to the fray with new mechanics. Also, jungle changes are incoming, as every preseason has them.

With those changes, we are getting new items such as Icathia’s Endurance, reworks on Archangel’s Staff and Seraph’s Embrace, and the return of Rod of Ages. One of those new items’ names is changing as Riot has changed it in PBE. The item in question is Goliath’s Ascendancy, and this is what we know so far.

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Goliath’s Ascendancy is renamed to Still-Beating Strength.

The item’s name was Goliath’s Ascendancy, one of the new tank mythics coming soon. The item is being renamed, according to Spideraxe, to Still-Beating Strength.

It’s a weird name to change, as the players are not keen on the new name. It kind of sounds strange to say as well. However, Riot has changed item names and icons way too many times in the PBE. So while the name has been changed to something strange, the item could get another name before release.

The item is an interesting addition in itself. Let’s hope Riot can land on what final name to give the item as Preseason approaches soon.

Update: Still Beating Strength changed to Heartsteel

Riot has changed the item’s name further as the new name is Heartsteel. Here is Spideraxe’s tweet regarding the change.

The icon has also been released, so we hope that the new name is what they will stick with. However, just like last time, they may change the name yet again soon.

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