Riot Removing Certain Pings In League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In a recent Dev Tweet, Riot has announced the removal of certain pings in League of Legends.

With the past changes made by Riot in League of Legends, they are signaling that they want to reduce toxicity as much as possible. A lot of the new systems, like the automatic muting in chat, Bystander Feedback System, etc, have been created to encourage or act against toxicity.

It has become more or more apparent that more things are needed to be done. There have been many cases of players being held hostage in games, so Riot decided to implement a proper Surrender system. All of these changes have alleviated some concerns, but much work still needs to be done.

So Riot moved on to doing bigger changes like the new Ranked Queue Penalties System that they are rolling out in Patch 13.19. This is a system designed to reform players to behave better in games. Riot will also be removing certain pings from the game as their use has been purely for toxicity reasons.

Here are the changes Riot has said they will make regarding pings.

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Riot Removing Certain Pings

There are two pings that are being removed by Riot as a result of toxicity. Here they are with reasons why Riot is doing it.

Allied Scoreboard Pings

Riot is changing how Allied Scoreboard pings work, so you will only be able to see those pings but not anyone else. This is due to the fact that players have been pinging the champion Alive ping multiple times to flame other players.

Based on the exact wording of what Riot Auberaun said, you can still ping your own cooldowns to show to allies, but certain things will be limited. Riot will also maintain the current system of pinging ultimate and item cooldowns. Also, you will still be able to ping enemies and their attributes.

It is an interesting change but one that is causing a fair amount of controversy within the community. Many people are unhappy as it looks like Riot is removing some tools to communicate with other players.

While Riot has a reasonable argument on small aspects of the system being used as flaming, they are also useful tools to ping cooldowns. We will have to see how this pans out in Patch 13.19.

Removal of the Bait Ping

Riot Auberaun also said that the Bait Ping will be removed and replaced. This is because the use of the ping is “unacceptable,” and it’s primary has not been what Riot wanted it to be.

While Riot Auberaun is right about how the bait ping is being used, it is still fairly fast to remove it altogether. It feels like Riot just wants to remove all the different toxic methods players have been using in order to detect them from the alternative means.

What is good is that the Bait ping will come back, but it will replaced with something different. So, we will have to see what Riot comes up with later on.

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