Riot Provides LeBlanc Changes Roadmap

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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LeBlanc is getting some massive changes in preparation for Worlds 2023.

LeBlanc has been one of the most problematic champions for the last couple of patches. Since the Midseason update, she has been terrorizing both Solo Queue and Professional Play. Despite many indirect nerfs, she remains far too powerful. As a result, Riot is implementing significant changes to LeBlanc in Patch 13.19 in preparation for Worlds 2023.

The problems with LeBlanc started with the return of the Statikk Shiv item. It’s a marksmen item that provides 50 Attack Damage, 30% Attack Speed, and 20% Critical Chance. It also has a Unique Passive called Electroshock, which offers magic damage and wave clear to its user.

LeBlanc, a champion who lacked wave clear and early-game damage, heavily benefited from the stats from Statikk Shiv. The item was so good for her that people started rushing it. Statikk Shiv, in conjunction with Night Harvester or Ludens Tempest, turned her into a devastating poke mage.

The build terrorized both Solo Queue and Professional Play for a couple of patches and thus was eventually nerfed multiple times. But after the nerfs, players discovered a new build that was just as problematic as the Statikk Shiv AP build.

The build in question is AD LeBlanc. It still employs Statikk Shiv, but it also makes use of Hullbreaker and Trinity Force as its go-to Mythic Item. The build transforms LeBlanc from an AP burst mage to an AD split pusher capable of taking towers in seconds. Because it is such a powerful build, even Pro Players have been practicing AD LeBlanc in preparation for Worlds 2023.

That said, Riot is not too happy about the current state of LeBlanc and is looking to make some massive changes to her kit.

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LeBlanc Changes

Riot Phreak, a Game Designer for League of Legends, recently announced the changes addressing AD LeBlanc. Although he did not specify the precise adjustments they will make, he gave us an outlier of what changes we can expect.

  • Nerfing Statikk Shiv

One of the biggest reasons AD LeBlanc works is due to the wave clear provided by Statikk Shiv. So Riot is looking to decrease its wave clear further.

  • Nerfing LeBlanc’s base AD

Riot is also looking to nerf her base AD, so Trinity Force’s Sheen proc would not be so effective on her.

  • Nerfing LeBlanc’s Mana pool

Additionally, Riot is nerfing her mana pool, so she is required to build mana items.

  • Buffing her AP Ratio

Finally, Riot is buffing her AP ratio so players have an incentive to build her AP again.

With these changes, Riot hopes to remove LeBlanc from the top lane. This AD Leblanc build has been too strong, and Riot does not want this to exist. So, let’s see how the changes will pan out.

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