Riot Teases Statikk Shiv Nerf For Mage Champions

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Statikk Shiv is finally receiving a nerf after Riot has deemed a certain interaction for the item to be too strong for mages.

Patch 13.10 and 13.11 have been two of the most crucial patches this year in League of Legends. A lot of item changes came in Patch 13.10 that changed how itemization works in the game. Patch 13.11 followed that up with some balance changes, along with Patch 13.12 doing something similar.

While the game has many issues, Pro Play is a symptom of those problems. A lot of what we can see in Pro Play has been addressed in Patch 13.12. However, Riot missed something: the Statikk Shiv itemization for Mage Champions.

This item has been largely built by mage champions now with the AP ratio and waveclear ability. The issue was magnified and brought to everyone’s attention once Pro Players started using this build. In particular, it is being abused by Leblanc.

Statikk Shiv works because it gets Energized based on units traveled, and this interaction works with any dash ability. Such champions like LeBlanc and Zoe can charge this item up really quickly and deal too much damage. What’s worse is that Statikk Shiv has too much waveclear.

Thus, Riot is moving to make some changes to how the item interacts with mage items. Riot Phreak has shared the change on Reddit, and here is what we know so far.

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Statikk Shiv Nerf For Mages

As mentioned, Phreak shared the changes on Reddit that Spideraxe publicized on Twitter. Here they are as follows.

According to Riot Phreak, they will be nerfing the Minion AP Ratio damage while also removing the interaction with dashes. This will make the item much worse for LeBlanc and other mages. For most mages, the Minion AP Ratio decrease will hurt, while the dash interaction is more of a targeted hit on mage assassins.

We do not know the exact specifics of the changes yet, but Riot should publicize that soon. So strap on, as Riot is bringing a lot of heat to Patch 13.13.

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