Riot is giving Shyvana E more “clarity and consistency” on patch 10.18

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Shyvana is finally getting some noticeable changes to her E on the upcoming patch 10.18.

On top of all the buffs and nerfs, Riot is bringing in some major changes to Ahri and Kayle on the upcoming patch 10.18. They are giving Ahri more flexibility while giving Kayle more freedom in the laning phase. Likewise, Riot is also giving Tryndamere his long-awaited better ultimate timer indicator on patch 10.18.

And now, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has revealed that on patch 10.18 they are also bringing in some new changes for Shyvana’s E which is not an immediate buff or nerf. Regarding the new changes he said, “not really intending for this to be a buff or nerf directly, but rather a long term improvement for the spell/game.”

Shyvana Changes Patch 10.18

Dragon Form Flame Breath (E):

  • Explosion Radius: 220-300 (boundary check) >>> 345 (center check)
  • Explosion visuals and spell indicators more correctly match the area
  • Ground zone damage tick rate 1s >>> 0.5s (same DPS just more responsive)

In patch 10.18, Riot is shifting Shyvana’s E AOE from a champion hitbox boundary to a champion center point check. Riot thinks this is a much more “consistent method” that they prefer to use for AOE spells. The explosion radius is now 345 center check with more accurate indicators.

Riot Scruffy also mentioned that this patch 10.18 change will give Shyvana’s E more “clarity and consistency”.

Ever since her changes on patch 8.9, League players have completely shifted from her traditional bruiser build to on hit AP build. Full AP Shyvana build might not be the most broken thing in League of Legends, but it indeed received a lot of hate from the community mostly because of its outrageous hitbox.

However, Riot is also planning on fixing the hitbox as well. Riot Scruffy said, “we’re removing the area growth by rank so that there is a more consistent play/counterplay experience.”

Additionally, when Chap asked Scruffy, “If the AOE stays the same, the new tickrate will allow the ground damage to pop if you hit in the center of the E no? Isn’t that an indirect big buff?” Riot Scruffy replied saying that “possibly” but it will be balanced out as the max rank size is slightly smaller now.

Currently, on patch 10.17, Shyvana has a 50.15% win rate with just a 3.7% pick rate. And with these new changes, there’s a chance that Shyvana will bounce back in the current meta. Patch 10.18 changes are scheduled to go live on September 2, 2020.

ali ahmed akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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