Riot Games is already considering changing the broken Astra bomb defuse perk

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games recently lifted the embargo of the streamer-only event where many notable figures were able to test out the new agent Astra before her official debut in VALORANT.

During this gameplay session, AverageJonas and ONSCREEN figured out a broken ability that allows Astra to see the difference between a real and a fake bomb defuse in her Astral form. To put it simply, before Astra can use any of her abilities, she needs to place her stars all throughout the map.

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In order to place her stars, Astra can go into the Astral form that gives her a birds-eye view of the entire map. Soon streamers realized you can actually use her Astral form to gather information about your opponents in the post-plant situation.

This is totally broken

Many players in the VALORANT community were understandably baffled as this can be easily abused in a post-plant situation to gain the upper hand over your opponents. Following the reveal of the gameplay of the new agent, many players reached out to Riot for an answer.

One VALORANT dev actually addressed the issue. “Yeah, we don’t like this behavior and are looking into options now. I’m not sure how easy/difficult changing this would be since I’m not an engineer, so I can’t make promises on timelines, but we’re not fans of this behavior and are seeing what we can do.”, VALORANT dev says.

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Turns out, devs were also taken aback by this weird behavior and are currently looking into ways on how they can fix this issue. However, the dev didn’t reveal any extra details regarding the exact timeline for the fix.

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