When is the current Episode 2 Act 1 going to end in VALORANT across different time zones?

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot just issued a statement warning players that the information given in the VALORANT’s in-game client regarding the end time of Episode 2 Act 1 might is slightly off.

The current Act 1 of Episode 2 is almost over. And players are understandably excited with everything that Riot has revealed so far regarding the upcoming Act. A new controller agent ‘Astra‘, more rank-related updates, and much more are coming with the next Act.

A new prime skin bundle featuring weapons like Odin and Phantom has also been leaked. Seems like Act 2 is going to be really packed with exciting content.

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Furthermore, players also got a glimpse into the next Act’s battle pass ahead of the official reveal. Similar to previous battle passes, this one also looks really promising. Since the Act is ending really soon, some players are still kind of unaware of the exact ending time of this current Act.

Episode 2 Act 1 ending times

The info in the client may be slightly off. Players will be able to grind the battle pass until Act 1 ends on March 2nd.

Here are those global times: -NA/BR/LATAM 4:30 AM PST -KR/AP: 12:30 PM PST -EU: 6:30 PM PST.

In local times, that’s 5:30 AM KST Wednesday in Korea, and 3:30 AM CET Wednesday in EU.

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This means the end of this Act is almost upon us. Players who still haven’t finished their battle pass yet, need to finish it within March 2nd if they want to unlock every single reward in the battle pass.

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