Riot Games Confirms Team Deathmatch Coming to VALORANT in 2023

In the recent Look Ahead video, Riot Games hinted at Team Deathmatch’s arrival on VALORANT later this year.

People were skeptical about VALORANT‘s potential for success in the cutthroat FPS market prior to its release. But VALORANT has continuously disproved them over time and grown immensely popular.

Riot Games brought its marketing expertise from League of Legends and carefully implemented it into VALORANT to make it a success. The game’s mechanics and gameplay, which are heavily based on CS:GO and Overwatch, has brought in millions of players from FPS and other game types.

Moreover, Riot Games has constantly been adding new content to the game, including maps, Agents, skins, game modes, and more. Just recently, in patch 5.12, VALORANT got a new game mode called Swiftplay, and the developers have already hinted at the release of a new game mode later in 2023.

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Team Deathmatch Will Come in 2023

In the recent Look Ahead // Dev Diaries video, Riot Games communicated some of their upcoming plans for VALORANT in 2023. In that video, VALORANT’s game director Andy Ho talked about Swiftplay and a new game mode which he hinted was Team Deathmatch.

“There’ll also be new modes to give you more ways to play VALORANT, such as Swiftplay, as well as another game mode that we are planning to launch later this year,” Andy Ho said.

Although Andy Ho did not specifically confirm it to be Team Deathmatch, other leaks from a prominent leaker called Mike | ValorLeaks confirmed that it is in fact Team Deathmatch.

According to Mike, VALORANT’s Team Deathmatch game mode will be a race to be the first team to get 100 kills. Additionally, it will be an ability-enabled game mode, unlike the free-for-all game mode VALORANT currently has.

These are the only details we currently know about Team Deathmatch. If all goes as planned, Team Deathmatch should be available sometime in 2023. However, the precise date or window of release is still uncertain.

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