VALORANT’s New Game Mode ‘Swiftplay’ is a Short Version of ‘Unrated’

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games has introduced a new game mode called ‘Swiftplay.’ Those who are seeing it for the first time, don’t worry. We’ll tell you what it is and what to expect.

VALORANT offers game modes, such as Deathmatch, Spike Rush, Unrated, and Competitive. Additionally, there are three rotating game modes: Escalation, Replication, and Snowball Fight, which change with every patch. Among these, Competitive or Ranked is the most popular game mode in VALORANT.

However, Riot Games is bringing a brand new game mode into the game to give players’ more options to play with. This game mode is called Swiftplay. The core gameplay of Swiftplay is similar to Unrated. However, it is a short version. Nonetheless, there’s more to it.

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What is Swiftplay?

As mentioned earlier, Swiftplay game mode will be very similar to the Unrated playlist. However, in Swiftplay, you don’t have to play a full-durational match just to enjoy a non-ranked match. Neat, right? But how so?

In a Swiftplay match, you need to win only 5 rounds in order to win compared to 13 rounds in Unrated or Competitive. Additionally, teams will switch sides after 4 rounds. As ‘Swiftplay’ is a short VALORANT match, the economy will also work a bit differently.

A preset will be granted to players at the start of the round with 800 scaling to 2400 till it reaches 4250. Additionally, 600 credits will be provided to the team players who won the pistol round. Other standard kills (+200c) and spike plant bonuses (+300c) will still apply.

Credit: Riot Games

Overtime will follow the sudden death rule. And every match will last for about 15 minutes. Key notes for Swiftplay Game mode:

  • First to 5 rounds, 4-round half
  • Spike mode victory conditions
    • Single Spike carrier
  • Set Credit amounts granted at the start of the round
    • 800
    • 2400*
      • Not including 600c bonus for winning pistol
    • 4250
    • 4250
  • Weapon and Credit carryover supported
  • +600 credit bonus for winning pistol round
  • Standard Kill bonuses (+200c) and Spike Plant bonuses (+300c)
  • 2 Ult points granted at the start of each half
  • Sudden death overtime
  • Match time is approx. 15 minutes

Swiftplay Release Date

Riot Games will release Swiftplay as a beta on December 6, 2022, and it’ll end on January 10, 2023. Riot Games will test this game mode, take feedback from the community and see how it plays out.

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