Best VALORANT Agents for Lotus in 2023: All Agents Ranked From Best to Worst

Lotus is the latest map added to VALORANT. So, let’s find out what are the best Agents you should play to secure the most wins on Lotus.

All Agents and Maps in VALORANT have unique features and backstories. Currently, there are 20 released Agents and 9 total maps in the game. Among them, Lotus is the latest addition to the current VALORANT map pool.

Each map in VALORANT features distinctive designs and architecture. Naturally, some Agents are more suited for specific maps than others. This is why it is important to choose specific Agents to ensure the highest chance of winning on selected maps. The same goes for Lotus.

Lotus is one of the most beautiful maps in VALORANT, located in India. It is the second map in Omega Earth after Pearl. The map features a 3-site layout similar to Haven. Additionally, Riot Games has added two rotating doors in the map, which is unique to the map.

This tier list was updated after patch 6.00 was released, based on the current VALORANT meta. We’ll keep updating the list with the meta changes and updates.

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Best Agents for Lotus (A Complete Tier List)

Lotus was added to the VALORANT map pool in the 6.00 patch. It is the second map that is located on Omega Earth. What makes Lotus different from the other maps is the combination of a 3-site layout and small separated areas that heavily favor close-quarter battles.

So, to match Lotus’s layout and features, we’ll now list the best Agents that go hand in hand with the current meta. As there are 4 types of Agents in VALORANT, with each being equally important, we’ll categorize the list based on Agent’s specific roles: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and Initiator.

The list will contain each Agent’s tier standing, from S to C. However, we’ll only discuss the S and A-tier Agents and explain to you why you should pick them over others. So, whether you’re playing solo or with a team, this list of best Agents will help you get the most victories on Lotus.


S-TierReyna, Raze
B-TierYoru, Jett
Best duelists in Lotus
Best duelists in Lotus


Agents with flashes will always be on the top in Lotus’ meta. All of Reyna’s abilities are perfect for this map. As Lotus has many tight angles, Reyna’s flashes will help her to clear corners effortlessly. On top of that, she can get a kill and get back to a safe position with her Dismiss ability.

As Sage and Skye are not that powerful in Lotus, they’re less likely to get picked on this map. As a result, Reyna’s Devour ability will come in handy in many clutch situations, regardless of the side she is playing in.


If you are playing with your team and have a good initiator with flashes, picking Raze over Reyna can be really effective. Raze can clear tough angles with Boom Bot and Paint Shells. So, Raze doesn’t necessarily have to put herself in danger to clear corners.

Raze’s Blast Packs can help her to fast entry or get over some trickier places or avoid Cypher/ Chamber’s traps. Because of how narrow most places are in Lotus, if enemies decide to push together, Raze’s Showstopper can deny any quick attack.


Although Phoenix is not a popular Dualist among players, it is different for Lotus. There are a lot of angles and tight spaces on the map, which makes it necessary to have flashes that can blind enemies for easy escape.

Phoenix’s wall can also come in handy if your Controller gets killed early in the round or if they used their utilities early. Not to mention his healing abilities are instrumental in clutch situations.


S-TierAstra, Brimstone
Best Controllers in Lotus
Best Controllers in Lotus


This map can be a paradise for an expert Astra player. She has all the utilities to help her teammates rush any of the three sites more quickly. Thanks to her Nova Pulse and Gravity Wall, her teammates do not have to be constantly aware of the corners.

Her abilities are also suitable for faking while attacking. And not only on the Attacker’s side, but her abilities are also well-suited for defending all three sites.


Brimstone’s smokes are really useful in Lotus. Using Brimstone’s smokes, you can basically take control of any site without any casualty. Moreover, learning Brimstone’s Molotov lineups can give you added advantage on both sides.


If you prefer playing smokes but don’t want to sit completely at the back, then you may opt in for Omen, as their utilities will give you many options in Lotus. Players can especially use Omen’s teleport to confuse enemy teams.

Additionally, as the map is quite large with three sites, Omen’s From the Shadows Ultimate will come in handy in clutch situations.


A-TierKilljoy, Sage
Best Sentinels in Lotus
Best Sentinels in Lotus


Cypher is undoubtedly the best Sentinel in the current VALORANT meta. Due to Chamber’s nerf and Cypher’s buff in the 5.10 patch, Cypher has become a force to be reckoned with.

As there are so many angles for both Attacker’s and Defender’s sides, it is almost impossible to watch every angle constantly. But thanks to Cypher’s utilities, his teammates can focus on attacking or defending rather than being always wary of random pushes.


Like Cypher, Killjoy is also a solid character in Lotus. With her Turret, she can cover a range of angles simultaneously, leaving her team worry-free for a while. If opponents decide to push her, she can deny or maybe kill them with her Alarmbot and Nanoswarms.

Her Lockdown ultimate ability is handy for pushing in retaking any site considering how small the sites are in Lotus.


Although Sage was heavily nerfed in the 5.12 patch, she is one of the only two Agents who can heal her allies. Not to mention, only Sage can revive her allies from the dead. So, Sage is a must-pick if you have a team with no Phoenix, Reyna, or Skye. Even if you have these Agents, you can still use Sage to heal others.

Also, Sage’s Wall can be very useful to defend any site in Lotus. Moreover, her wall can be used to take boosts and make unexpected plays.


S-TierBreach, Fade
Best Initiators in Lotus
Best Initiators in Lotus


Breach is going to be an essential character in Lotus. All of Breach’s abilities are well-suited to clear crucial angles and make pathways for duelists and support players.


Most players have figured out how to counter Fade by now. However, she is still a competent character, especially in Lotus. Because of Lotus’ tricky map layout, it is challenging to locate enemies. So having a Fade in your team can save much of your trouble. Enemies will also have to be very cautious of hiding behind any corner if your team has a Fade.


KAY/O is a perfect Initiator in Lotus map. He can flash for his allies to take any site swiftly. There are a considerable number of lineups where KAY/O can throw his Flash and Drive. As there will be a lot of Cyphers and Killjoys in Lotus, KAY/O’s Ultimate and Zero/Point remain helpful.

Final Verdict

Every Agent has unique and useful abilities in VALORANT. If utilized properly, any Agent can lead you to a foolproof win. However, some Agents are always preferred over others for particular maps. This Agent tier list on Lotus is based on the Agent’s abilities and how well they fit with the map’s layout and structure. So try them out, and see what works for you best.

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