VALORANT’s Upcoming Map Codename “Jam”: Origin, Leaks, Release Date & More

Leaks are surfacing on the internet regarding VALORANT’s upcoming map, and it has a codename: Jam.

VALORANT is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games. It was first released back in June 2020. Initially, it had four maps: Haven, Bind, Split, and Ascent. The developers later added four more maps: Icebox, Breeze, Fracture, and Pearl to the game.

Riot Game usually releases a new map every single Episode except for Episode 4, where there was no new map. However, players eventually got a new map: Pearl, in Episode 5. Although players were pretty excited about it, the map didn’t live up to the hype.

Truthfully, Pearl and Fracture haven’t been that popular compared to the previous maps released in VALORANT. Riot Games tried its best to make these two maps viable, but the community wants something more than that. So, the time might have come for a new map to emerge.

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Upcoming Map Codename “Jam”

A VALORANT content creator and leaker named ValorLeaks recently shared information regarding a new upcoming map following a codename: Jam.

However, no further information was shared regarding the codename and its connection with the following map. Nonetheless, the latest map, Pearl, was known as Pit, and our newest Agent Harbor was known as Mage. So, it is evident that, these codenames don’t always have significant meanings.

Although the codename didn’t reveal any information about the upcoming map’s whereabouts or origin, some other leaks from VALORANT Leaks may give us some additional information about our new map.

A little piece of audio was found in the latest game files with the code “Play_Jam_StoneDoor_Break.uasset.” If you listen to the audio carefully, you can hear a stone door-breaking noise. The code also mentions stone door and break. So, there might be doors made of stones, breakable by shooting with weapons, similar to a Sage Wall, and many fortified doors in VALORANT.

A Harbor voicemail was also found in the 5.09 patch files. In this voicemail, Harbor mentions, “City of Flowers on Omega Earth.” He also says that this city is located in his home country. As we know, Harbor is from India; there’s a huge possibility that the upcoming map will also be located in India. The following image confirms this speculation even more.

The Operation Board has the location for seven different maps throughout the map. In addition, there’s a specific marked location in India on the Operation Board with no picture or name. Presumably, this marked location is the City of Flowers in India that Harbor mentioned in the voicemail.

“Jam” Release Date

There’s still no ETA for VALORANT’s upcoming map at this moment. However, judging by all these leaks, it seems like Riot Games will not take 2 Episodes to release the new map this time. So, if our speculation is correct, expect VALORANT’s 9th map to release in Episode 6.

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All the information used in this article is based on leaks. However, there’s still time, and more information regarding the new map will reveal the actual truth about the new map. Until then, take these with a grain of salt.

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