VALORANT Current Map Rotation in Episode 7 Act 3

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Find out the map rotation to play in the ranked mode of VALORANT during Episode 7 Act 3

VALORANT is a first-person shooter game where players form a team of 5 on each side to go against each other. Developed by Riot Games, VALORANT is one of the most played shooter games of the current time.

Each season in VALORANT is called Episode, which lasts for half a year. Each Episode is further segmented into three Acts, each spanning around three months. The developers add new content to the game with the introduction of new Acts.

There are currently ten maps in VALORANT. Every one of the maps can be played in the Unrated mode. However, only seven maps are available for the players to play competitively. Other than that, three other maps are also available in the game, exclusive to Team Deathmatch.

With the start of Episode 7 Act 2, Riot Games has introduced a new map pool to the game. Here is the active map rotation with the list of maps that can be played in VALORANT Episode 7 Act 3.

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VALORANT Episode 7 Act 3 Map Pool


Valorant map Split
Riot Games

Split was one of the four maps VALORANT initially released with. Later, it was removed from the active map pool. However, Split was once again added to the active map pool at the beginning of Episode 6, Act 1. Split is one of the fan-favorite maps of VALORANT. After seeing how the community reacted when Riot Games removed a fan-favorite map from the map pool, the developer was eventually persuaded to put it back in the rotation of available maps.


Valorant map Bind
Riot Games

Bind has returned to the competitive map pool of VALORANT by replacing Icebox from the list. Bind has been given an overall rework and introduced to the game with many new additions. The most significant change is the complete rework of the teleporter located outside A bath. Additionally, slight changes have been made to both of the bomb sites.


haven valorant map
Riot Games

Within the VALORANT map pool, Haven is easily one of the most intriguing maps available. The fact that the location has three bomb sites contributes to the game’s overall appeal as a spectator. In addition to the players’ technical prowess in Haven, a significant amount of brain work and utility usage is required to win a match.


Riot Games

In Episode 7, Act 2, Breeze returned to the active-duty map pool. However, the map has seen quite a few changes. The hallway is no more. Some changes are also made in B site and Mid. However, the tropical Caribbean island still features long, peeking angles. Breeze has always favored aggressive play styles. The revamped version is no exception.


Riot Games

Sunset is the latest addition to the map pool. The map was introduced in Episode 7, Act 2. This is the tenth VALORANT map added to the game. The map is on the traditional side, featuring two sites and three lanes. However, for the special gimmick part, it contains a mechanical door just like Ascent.


valorant map ascent
Riot Games

Ascent has been a part of the map pool since the game began, and it is often considered the simplest and most player-friendly map in VALORANT. Ascent follows the character of typical FPS maps, with two sites, a mid-area, and a multitude of long-range vantage points. Due to these characteristics, Ascent requires many mechanical skills from the players to win on this map.


Riot Games

Lotus was unveiled with Episode 6 Act 1. It is another map with three bomb sites, and it is designed to go along with the VALORANT’s fast-paced game type. The map Lotus has various innovative elements, such as spinning doors, breakable walls, quiet drops, and many more.

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This was all about the map rotation of VALORANT Episode 7 Act 3. Riot keeps changing the active map pool to change the meta. This also works as an opportunity to add new maps to the game. However, this doesn’t mean the maps are forgone. Most of the maps have seen a comeback, with changes here and there.

Check this article when the next Act is released to find the active map rotation of the next Act.

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