Riot dev finally revealed the real reason behind recent Reyna changes with patch 2.03

Riot made some massive changes to how Reyna’s total kit works in the latest VALORANT patch 2.03.

The rework made her more of a team player rather than the selfish low-rank pub star she was before the patch. Since she used to dominate lower ranks, the change should have a more meaningful impact on the long-term health of the game in the lower rank matches.

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From now on, Reyna will no longer be able to use her abilities as she pleases cause the number of orb charges has been decreased from 4 to 2. At the same time, each individual orb doubled in value.

Reyna changes are good for the long run

However, the part that made her more team-focused has to be how she no longer has to secure a kill to use her abilities. Even if she assists her teammates she can use her abilities. This was a massive change from the old selfish Reyna that we have come across multiple times in normal public matches.

In a recent Reddit thread, one of the devs at Riot Games revealed the real reason behind her recent changes.

According to the devs, she was particularly strong in lower Elo but was still quite strong across the board. This change was aimed to make her a bit less ‘pubstompy’ and increase her decision-making, so you don’t have Reyna’s just popping dismiss to move a bit faster for kicks.

“This should also hopefully help keep Reyna viable in higher MMRs or more coordinated settings, as she doesn’t need to get the finishing blow, so she can play a bit better with allies” Riot dev also explained.

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Therefore, Riot made conscious choices to make her more reliant on her teammates. Consequently, this should result in more team-focused execution rather than solo pushing towards victory.