VALORANT next agent 15: Class, Codename, Nationality, Teasers, Abilities, and Leaks

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valorant Leaks

Riot has already hinted that the next agent is going to be a controller agent. In the previous ACT when they introduced Yoru, they claimed that it will be a while before they introduced another duelist agent in VALORANT.

And in the last state of the agent blog from Riot, they literally confirmed that the next agent is going to be a controller-type agent. Riot made major changes to the whole agent meta starting with Episode 2.

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This trend is not going to slow down soon. With each subsequent update in Episode 2, Riot heavily targeted duelist agents like Reyna and Jett. They want to move the meta in a new direction by introducing a new controller agent.

Next agent teasers

Riot already started to tease their upcoming agent in the form of random embers that are appearing on different maps. And these embers also have similarities to the Tier 38 player card on the Battle Pass. Similar to how Yoru was teased in the player card that was included with the ACT 3 battle pass.

Next controller agent Valorant
Image via Valorant Leaks

Agent Class:

Riot has confirmed that the next agent will be a controller agent similar to agents like Omen and Brimstone.

Agent Codename:

According to a leak from a pretty reliable data miner in VALORANT, the next agent’s code name is “Codenamed”.

Agent Nationality:

The next agent is from Ghana according to the leaks.

Agent Abilities:


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This is all we know about the upcoming controller agent. Nothing regarding this new agent’s abilities has been revealed as of writing. We will update you with more up-to-date information soon.

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