Riot Delays Skarner Rework To Early 2024

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The Skarner Rework has been delayed to Early 2024, as per Riot.

Riot has invested a lot into League of Legends for the past year of the number of reworks they have been doing. Many champions have seen their kits updated or even changed in order to solidify a style Riot wants those characters to embody.

Since the preseason, we have seen reworks for champions like Jax, Aurelion Sol, Kayle, Neeko, Azir, etc. Also, there have been ASU updates like Ahri. The new Aurelion Sol is a huge hit, while Neeko’s rework is still fairly early in the server to analyze it properly. Overall, Riot’s intention seems to be to put these champions in a unique gameplay situation so they can flourish.

However, given the roster size, there are bound to be some champions that are not working as intended. Thus, Riot has future reworks coming for Rell, Ivern, and Skarner. The Ivern rework was revealed in PBE, as there are some nifty changes coming.

The Skarner update is the one players have been waiting for. However, Riot has shared some bad news regarding that front, as the Skarner VGU is being delayed once more. This time it is going to Early 2024, and we will get a Jax visual update instead. Here is what we know about the delay.

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Skarner Rework Delayed

As Riot has mentioned, the Skarner VGU is going to be delayed until early 2024. This comes as a surprise after the last dev blog where Riot mentioned that they would release the new version this year. From the sounds of it, Riot seems to have hit a snag in terms of development. It is honestly sad to see that happen.

Hopefully, Riot can bounce back and give players what they want. There have been a lot of shortcomings as of late from Riot, and while they have tried to make things better, there are still many more hurdles to overcome. With Skarner being delayed, no other VGUs are expected this year, barring more potential reworks and such.

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