Return to Monkey Island: All Six Skulls Locations

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Return to Monkey Island: All Six Skulls Locations

Find out the locations of all those skulls and how to use them in Return to Monkey Island.

Return to Monkey Island brings back a lot of memories. Why wouldn’t it be? This new addition in the Monkey Island saga picks up the story just after the post-LeChuck era. God, can’t even remember how many times we had to slay the infamous ghost-pirate LeChuck. Well, he kept returning to the wretched world, didn’t he? And it’s up to our Guybrush’s thrilling journey to discover the undiscovered secrets of Monkey Island.

In the game, you will eventually come to a ritual that needs LeChuck’s theme music in the background. Yes, you have to play that, and you have to play that on a xylophone. However, you will also need the xylophone to be made out from skulls. Now, what’s the situation we are facing? Find out below about the skulls in Return to Monkey Island.

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What are these Skulls?

These skulls will be in use for sorting out different puzzles and all. And there are 6 of them. Well, to be fair, you will need only 4 of them to complete your main storyline. However, there is an achievement named Tight Ship that requires you to collect all 6 of them. No worries, we will be dealing with all 6 of them and how to make use of it.

Locations of the Skulls in Return to Monkey Island

In this journey, Guybrush will be accompanied by Murray, the undead skull. Now, to talk about the locations of the other skulls, check out the detailed instructions below:

  • Head to the beach. You will find the first one on the far left side.
  • Look for the giant monkey head. Well, it’s so giant that you don’t need to find it; it’ll find you. However, the second skull will be on a rock to the left entrance of that giant head.
  • Just before the giant monkey head, there is a shipwreck on the east side of the main island map. Head there, and you will find the third installment.
  • Head to the Volcano Beach area. You will come across the fourth skull at the east side of the water’s edge.
  • Now, open the main island map for the fifth one and click up to see the view. You will see the location of the fifth skull one on the right side of the rock plateau.
  • For the final one, you need to dive deep into the sea. You can now hold your breath for up to 8 minutes, so no worry here. All you need to do is, find the LeChuck’s ship and start walking towards the anchor. The last one will be on the left side.

How to Use the Skulls in Return to Monkey Island

Now you have possession of all the skulls. Congrats! You have unlocked the Tight Ship achievement. Now, what do we do with these skulls?

Well, bring them back to Murray. You will see some spikes. Arrange the skulls from left to the right along with Murray. The order will be Do-Do-Mi-Sol-Fa-Fa-Re. Put Murray in the Fa position. After that, pick up a bone from the ground and start playing those skulls like a xylophone.

That is it. That is the purpose of those skulls in Return to Monkey Island.

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