GTA 6 Shooting Mechanics Leaked

Abu Bakar Karim
By Abu Bakar Karim
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GTA 6 Shooting Mechanics

Several, and counting, leaked gameplays of GTA 6 can be seen online, and here we are with the leaked shooting mechanics in GTA 6.

After a 9-year long haul, the time has come, said Master Oogway. Rockstar can finally stop milking GTA 5 and focus on the core development of GTA 6. How do we know that much? Well, mate, the countless leaks aren’t a fuss after all.

The leaks got out by the infamously known hackers who got their way into Uber some days ago. Thanks to them(?), we can now exhale a bit over the GTA 6 matter. After all the memes, we can finally set them aside and hope for the best.

On the basis of the leaks, we are gonna talk about the lit shooting mechanisms in GTA 6. We are also going to talk about the pre-development phase of the game that we got to know from the leaked clips.

GTA 6 Shooting Mechanics

We can now confirm the return of Vice City in GTA 6. Moreover, the famous Malibu Club can also be seen in action after all these years. And to talk about the shooting mechanism, for the first time ever, players can switch hands on which they intend to wield weaponry.
Credit: Jinx
Credit: Jinx

Even though the clip contains unfinished visuals, the footage can almost be compared to
photo-realistic. On top of that, the physics in the clip are the real deal. Not to mention, Rockstar should let the player enter all the premises and interact with all the NPCs. That’s how high the expectations are.

Finally, we can positively exhale and don’t need to rant about how the graphics look just from the mere pre-development phase.

These are the latest info on the leaked info on shooting mechanics in GTA 6.

Hang with us to get more updates from GTA 6 and others as well. Till new leaks and reveals, Au Revoir!

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