Respawn is finally working on fixing the fill teammates option in Apex

Apex Legends players have been the victim of landing all alone in the battle arena even after disabling the no-fill option.

Recently Respawn added an option for players to opt-out of joining a squad while queuing. This was added as a feature in the game since many players in the Apex community wanted an option to play solo.

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However, Respawn has clearly stated that solo isn’t coming back anytime soon as a separate game mode since it negatively affects the long-term health of the game. As Apex Legends was developed from the ground up to be a three-man squad game, solo doesn’t really give players the true experience of playing this battle royale.

Even after all that, many in the community felt that Respawn should at least add an option like no-fill for players if they don’t want to queue with other players. So, Respawn happily obliged since it could be a happy medium between adding another separate game mode and pleasing your average solo queue enjoyer.

But players soon started to face a problem where Apex matchmaking wouldn’t fill up their squads properly even after enabling the option to have teammates. The bug was so widespread that it apparently became a meme within the community.

A fix is coming!

Trello bug Apex
Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn has acknowledged this issue and is already working on fixing the bug at the moment. In their public Trello board where developers keep track of bugs, Respawn has given players assurance that they are well aware of the bugs.

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