Dev explains why solo mode isn’t coming back to Apex Legends any time soon

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Apex Legends Solo

Apex Legends had Solo as a playable mode for the Iron Crown event back last year. Ever since that, players have been really asking for a return of solos as a permanent addition to the game.

Even though Respawn will be adding duos and the Kings Canyon map as a permanent feature in the upcoming Bloodhound event, there are still no plans to bring solos to the playable modes any time soon. Respawn devs think that solos are not healthy for the game.

So, that really should clear any speculation that fans might have on solos. Respawn isn’t gonna add solos to Apex Legends for a healthier player experience. Being a solo isn’t really a good fit for Apex Legends to begin with. After all, it is a team-centric game at its core.

Respawn specially tailor-made Apex to work well with squads of three players. Everything from map design, loot distribution, legend abilities, etc, are all tweaked, keeping three players in mind.

Why do players want a solo mode?

On the other side of the aisle, players don’t really agree with the dev’s opinion on solos. As some times, random players don’t always stick together with the team. Every Apex player has always faced issues where their random players will drop solo and get knocked down in the process.

This creates a clear disadvantage to that team for the entire duration of the match. Sometimes, players don’t communicate with their teammates and do their own thing. Lastly, defeating three-stack players with randoms is kind of next to impossible if the random player isn’t communicating with their teammates.

In competitive matches, add those problems listed above with rank demotion. This is why players are practically begging Respawn to add some kind of solo mode to competitive and normal matches. Despite all that, Respawn is adamant about not adding solos as a mode any time soon.

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