Respawn is Considering Keeping ‘Locked and Loaded’ as a Permanent Game Mode in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Similar to some previous limited-time game modes, ‘Locked and Loaded’ could become permanent in Apex Legends.

Respawn sometimes tests features in a limited-time game mode, and if it is something that enhances the core experience of Apex, then sometimes they introduce it to the main game mode. A good example of that would be the Evo shields.

At first, Evo shields were announced as a part of a limited-time game mode. Later, they added it to the normal game mode. The exact same thing might also occur with the latest locked and loaded LTM that only spawns blue and above-tier loots.

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Locked and Loaded could be a mainstay

One of the developers at Respawn recently commented on the possibility that this game mode could become a permanent thing.

byu/blitz_na from discussion

As of right now, Respawn is weighing in all the pros and cons of having this game mode as a mainstay. And it seems like this could actually become a main part of the game since the pros of having good loot are currently overshadowing all the negatives.

However, this is still not confirmed. Respawn is just considering it, as removing all the gray loot from the game could introduce unforeseen consequences for the whole loot economy. Respawn is now carefully considering all the possibilities. If they decide to follow through, Apex could finally be devoid of any bad loot.

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