Apex Legends Ad is all Over Billboards in Shibuya Japan, Ahead of Switch Release

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: EA

A new ad campaign featuring Apex Legends is all over the billboards in Shibuya, Japan, before the official release of the Switch port of the game.

Rumors and leaks regarding the possible switch port of the game have been prevalent in the Apex community for a while. Only recently, Respawn officially revealed their plan for the Switch version of Apex.

The Nintendo Switch is very popular in Japan. And the inclusion of this switch port means more players are going to experience Apex Legends for the first time in Japan. Even though Japan already has a dedicated player base in the region, the introduction of the switch port means the overall player base is going to get a massive boost.

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Apex Legends Ad in Shibuya

Alongside the trailer, Apex Legends’ theme song can be heard playing in the background. All of these have made the Switch player base really excited to try out Apex Legends on their console of choice on March 9, 2021.

Shibuya is one of the major commercial and financial centers in the country; it houses the two busiest railway stations in the world. Consequently, it is a great location for an Ad placement like this one.

However, recent rumors suggest the switch port may suffer from performance-related issues since Apex can be pretty demanding in some cases. Hopefully, the devs can iron out these rumored problems with the release of the final version.

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Apex always had a pretty dedicated community in Japan, even after all the cheaters that ruined some aspect of the ranked mode in the game. Respawn has already announced that it has a sophisticated solution in mind to effectively deal with these problems.

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