Respawn Finally Set a Happy Ending to Fuse and Bloodhound Romance Story

Fuse has been fond of Bloodhound since he entered the Apex game. Finally, Fuse confessed his feelings to the mysterious character, and the response was nothing but wholesome.

Apex Legends is not only popular for its fast-paced gameplay and ground-breaking features but also for its exciting stories, lores, and character development. Respawn is always bringing something new to Apex Legends with every Season.

The game which started with one map and eight legends, now has five maps, including Broken Moon and twenty-three unique legends. Every character, map, feature, and weapon has interesting backstories that make Apex Legends different from any other Battle Royale game.

The stories are constantly developing with time. We’ve seen a hateful relationship between Loba and Revenant, the father and daughter bond between Caustic and Wattson, a true friendship between Lifeline and Octane, and more.

Among all, romantic relationships are a ubiquitous sight in Apex Legends. But who expected Bloodhound, a mysterious and hardcore character, to become romantically attached to someone? It seems like Apex’s explosive expert, Fuse, has done it.

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FuseHound Romance is Finally Happening!

Credit :EA

The FuseHound topic started way back in Season 8, with a butt-slap joke after Fuse’s launch trailer premiered. Players didn’t think of it too much as it was Fuse’s character to fool around with everyone in Apex Legends.

However, things started to spice up when multiple flirtatious Fuse and Bloodhound voice lines were found in Season 14 game files. Even then, it seemed very unlikely that Bloodhound would fall for anyone with a totally opposite personality.

Nonetheless, fans were rather excited to find out how the FuseHound story would play out. And the recent comic video from Respawn might have put a happy ending to all the speculations.

In the beginning of the video, you can see Fuse awkwardly expressing his feelings toward Bloodhound. It seems like Bloodhound also had feelings for Fuse, but they were afraid to open up to Fuse due to their past and the beast they’d become.

However, Fuse assures Bloodhound to stick with them no matter what. Hearing this, Bloodhound stuttered at first, not knowing how to respond. However, Bloodhound eventually opens up to Fuse, and the video ends with Fuse and Bloodhound kissing each other.

The story is still developing, and fans might get more follow-ups regarding the FuseHound story. Nonetheless, it’ll be pretty exciting to see where this story goes in the future.

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