Apex Season 15 “Eclipse” Ranked: Split Dates, Ranked Rewards, & More

As we are at the tail end of season 14 of Apex Legends, Respawn has finally given us more information regarding the upcoming season 15 called “Eclipse”.

Similar to every new Season starting from season 2, Apex Legends has introduced new ranked rewards for competitive players to grind throughout the whole Season. Since this battle royale game has multiple maps, the ranked portion of the battle royale mode is usually played on two completely different maps on two different splits.

This ranked split basically occurs in the middle of the Season, and it resets some ranked progression. So, players can climb the ranked ladder on two different splits to collect additional rewards.

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Apex Legends Season 15 Ranked Updates

Ranked Change in Season 15

Entry Requirement: Level 10 → 20

Season 14 Ranked Results

A few days are remaining before Season 14 Split 2 ends. So, we have to wait a few more days until Respawn releases full data regarding Season 14’s Ranked distribution.

Ranked Rewards

Like every other Season, Players will receive Season 14 ranked rewards at the beginning of Season 15 Eclipse. Every player will receive rank-specific Charms, Badges, and Skydive Trail. As Respawn always delivers freshly designed rank-specific Charms and badges every Season, players are always excited to find out what awaits them in the inventory.

Season 15 Ranked Maps

The newly released map always gets the priority to become the playable map for the first split. So, Broken Moon will be played throughout Split 1. However, it is still unconfirmed whether World’s Edge or Olympus will be played in Split 2.

  • Split 1: Broken Moon.
  • Split 2: World’s Edge/ Olympus.

And for Public matchmaking, Broken Moon, Olympus & World’s Edge will be available for players with the upcoming Season 15 update. Storm Point and King’s Canyon will be unavailable throughout Season 15.

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Split Dates

First Split will start on November 1, 2022, with the Broken Moon map, although we don’t have the dates for the second split as of writing.

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