Respawn devs are telling Apex Legends fans to keep their eyes peeled as they are planning on releasing something this Thursday

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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(Image credit: Respawn)

Respawn devs are telling fans of Apex Legends to keep their eyes peeled as they might release some sort of new Story from the Outlands trailer on August 6th Thursday morning at 10 am.

Story from the Outlands usually features the main story of Legends in the Apex universe. In each new season, Respawn releases a new story trailer that usually features a new Legend for the next season. Respawn already started to tease big map changes for the upcoming season.

The producer on Apex Legends along with Respawn’s principal animator both shared their excitement for the upcoming reveal.

Respawn devs are literally asking fans to keep a close eye on this Thursday morning at 10 am. Furthermore, Apex Legends’ official twitter account confirmed the news.

While some players are speculating on what the actual announcement might be about, most players are certain that it might be a Story from the Outlands trailer. Respawn usually brings their A-game when it comes to their story trailers. Fans are understandably very excited to see What Respawn will reveal in the trailer.

From past trailer similar to this one, it is pretty safe to assume that players are going to get a top-notch cinematic story trailer. However, it is still uncertain whether or not the new trailer will actually reveal the next Legend.

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