Fan suggests some quality of life improvement to some aspects of Apex Legends that deserves a serious look from Respawn

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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(Image credit: Respawn)

When Apex Legends launched back in 2019, it stood apart from all the other battle royale games for its intuitive UI and innovative ping system.

While Respawn has made some slight tweaks now and then to make the overall user experience better, some things still bother the average player every day. A fan u/zancray made a concept for some quality of life changes that would directly benefit the players. Some of them are so obvious that it baffles players that Respawn still hasn’t decided to include them in the game yet.

Fan-made concept:

apex legends fan concept
Image via u/zancray

The one with the Prowler seriously should have been in the game from the very beginning. Even though burst mode is actually quite effective at close to medium range, most players tend to use full-auto mode when they find a select-fire hop-up in the game. Therefore, it makes sense if the gun automatically becomes full-auto as soon as you pick up the attachment.

Ultimate Accelerant is a pretty unique mechanic in Apex Legends. Fan suggests that if there was an option to use Ultimate Accelerant directly from the ground without picking it up would actually save a lot of time.

Optics should always prioritize empty slots. This should also have been in the game from the very start. Furthermore, there should be an option to ping request for Ultimate Accelerant so that players can actually charge their ultimate faster. This subtle change would make it really easy for random teammates to communicate with each other.

Apex scope concept
Image via u/Zivisio

Additionally, another fan came up with the idea of giving digital threats more range by giving it 2 times zoom. With more range, players will be able to see their opponents farther into the smoke. The wingman would actually go really well with this concept scope.

Apex Legends’ contextual pinging system has forever changed the whole FPS genre of video games. However, it is still not perfect. With the addition of some minor quality of life changes mentioned above, it will be close to an almost perfect UI system in any FPS battle royale game.

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