Respawn dev assures season 8 fixes will stop bronze players from entering predator lobbies

Ever since ranked was introduced in Apex Legends back in season 2, exploiters always figured out a way to get into predator lobbies using the help of aimbots or other glitches.

This has become a major problem in Apex Legends as the ranked experience gets tainted with these abusers in the lobby. If a player faces blatant cheaters in the lobby two or three times in a row, they might get frustrated enough to leave the game.

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Despite the anti-cheat solution that Respawn implemented, cheaters always figure out a workaround to abuse the system. There is some buffer in place that stops new accounts from jumping straight into competitive.

Apex rank badge
Image via EA

However, with each new season exploiters figured out new ways to mess with the system. Apparently, Respawn fixes the issue with the launch of each new season. But their plans for the upcoming season 8 of Apex Legends aims to hopefully fix this issue for good.

Season 8 fix for ranked

One of the devs at Respawn who is responsible for maintaining competitive integrity in Apex Legends assured players that the fix they have planned for season 8 will fix this problem to a degree.

However, he later explained that he is still not sure if it will fix everything immediately upon release. Season 8 is right around the corner. With season 8 players are getting a new legend, a new lever-action rifle, a new battle pass, and lastly overhauled Kings Canyon.

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Alongside these exciting changes, rank should also get some facelift that might be favorable to competitive players.