Respawn dev agrees on removing a tree from Apex Legends after player complaints

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A developer at Respawn Entertainment agreed upon removing a tree from the Kings Canyon map in Apex legends as it was the cause of many unnecessary deaths in the game.

Players in the Apex Legends community can definitely relate to a scenario when they got accidentally blocked by an obstacle in the Kings Canyon map while being chased down by an aggressive team. And getting stuck in a corner or getting dead slides is not a good feeling in Apex legends.

Apex Legends trees removed
Image via Respawn

A tree in particular that is situated in the Kings Canyon map is the worst offender in this scenario. A player in the Apex Legends community asked the devs to permanently remove this tree from the game altogether as it is the sole reason behind many tragedies.

A player begs Respawn to remove a tree:

Furthermore, the tree has apparently blocked players from making a quick escape so many times that the entire Apex Legends community agreed that they hate this tree. Additionally, they started to rally behind this player to remove this tree from the game.

After many player complaints, a dev at Respawn entertainment actually responded. And agreed on actually removing this tree from the live version of the game fairly soon. Following this statement from the dev, the Apex community breathes a sigh of relief knowing no one will be a victim of this tree in the future.

o7 it will be done! (it might be a little bit before this gets in to live.. I’m sorry about that!) (thank you for calling this out! It’s actually really helpful to see pain points like this, since it helps guide what will need extra focus when going forward!)

A dev at Respawn

Therefore, Respawn will be actually removing a tree from the live version of the game based on community feedback. The dev further exclaimed that they are also looking to remove more spots like this from the game in future updates.

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