Improved reconnect, Wraith’s portal bug, Knockdown shields, and more fixes are coming with the next patch in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Ever since season 6 of Apex Legends launched, players have been constantly complaining about how much bug there is in the current version of the game.

As the new online tournament is getting closer, pro players were really vocal that the current state of the game with numerous bug was really messing with the competitive integrity of the game.

Portal disappearance and knocked down shields not working properly as intended really pissed most players in the Apex community. Furthermore, the much-requested reconnect feature had more limitations than it should have. And sometimes beacons were showing in the mini-map but not in the actual game world.

Wraith portal disappearance bug Apex
Image via Respawn

Additionally, the ring locations were also quite broken as players were often getting really weird last circles. All of these paired with some other game logic errors were really ruining the new season experience for players.

Respawn is finally coming up with a fix:

Seems like Respawn finally responded to the community feedback. A new patch is incoming really soon that should cover all the bugs/glitches that players were having as of now. The update should be rolled out fairly soon to fix some known game logic errors. And the reconnect feature should also include some much-needed updates.

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