Apex Legends animator reveals a creepy looking Revenant passive concept called the “Stalker”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Respawn

Moy Parra who is the principal animator at Respawn Entertainment just revealed a very early concept for Revenant’s passive that will surely give players a nightmare.

Respawn revealed Revenant in a shocking plot twist back in season 4 of Apex Legends. At the very beginning, Respawn teased Forge to be the new character for season 4. However, later it was revealed that it was all just a ruse to bamboozle players as Revenant killed Forge and took his place as the real Legend in season 4.

Revenant passive stalker animation
Image Via Respawn

In short, Revenant is a deadly killing machine and most of his abilities are centered around that personality trait. For example, his passive lets him crouch walk at a higher speed than every other legend and also gives him the ability to climb a bit higher than all the other legend in the Apex games.

Moy revealed a creepy looking Revenant passive:

Furthermore, Moy Parra loves to share some of the behind the scenes of how they create animations in Apex Legends. Since players wanted to know a little bit more about the character related animations, Moy happily obliged and blessed the Apex community with this creepy looking Revenant Passive concept: “Stalker“.

As the name implies, this stalker passive would give Revenant a transformation into a Centaur killing machine whenever he uses his crouch. The intent was to give him some sort of transformation where he could crouch and continue moving at the same speed uninterrupted. However, it turned out to be very creepy as it reminded players of the Skynet in the famous Terminator series of movies featuring deadly killing Robots.

Nevertheless, the amount of creativity at display here is just incredible to see. The folks at Respawn seems to know exactly what they are doing when it comes to making lifelike animations.

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