Relocating to Europe for CS isn’t really in the cards, says “tarik” on his switch to streaming

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: StarLadder

Tarik “tarik” Celik, one of NA’s most decorated pro-CSGO players has decided to pursue streaming.

Instead of relocating to Europe to take part in the top-tier competition, Tarik will be just focusing on his passion for streaming on Twitch at the moment. And if this is something that he enjoys then he will transition fully to streaming.

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According to Tarik, his only other option was to switch over to VALORANT. And since there isn’t any other suitable option in NA CSGO either, Tarik decided that it was just best for him to start streaming for the unforeseeable future.

Tarik won’t be moving to VALORANT

Tarik has contributed a lot to the NA CSGO scene as he won the first major for NA back in 2018 while representing Cloud 9. Also, he played for multiple top-tier organizations in CSGO. His experience would prove too good for any aspiring VALORANT team to not offer him a deal. But despite teasing his fans with suggestive tweets, he isn’t actually making the jump to VALORANT yet.

The general consensus among most Esports enthusiasts is that NA CSGO is no longer where it used to be prior to the pandemic. And moving to a new continent to pursue glory in the CSGO scene might have seemed too far-fetched for Tarik.

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It isn’t really uncommon for ex-professional players to make it big in the world of streaming. Some of the biggest names in the streaming world are dominated by ex-pro players like XQC, Ninja, and Shroud. So, this move may not come as a big surprise to most of his fans.

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