Redditor finds a game-breaking bug that occurs when Thresh hooks Kayn at the time of his ults

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

A new game-breaking bug emerged today with Thresh hook and Kayn ultimate and Riot is currently taking a look into it.

There’s been a lot of game-breaking bugs in the past. Even last month League of Legends players had to encounter game-breaking Poppy exploits which helped her to use her spells and hit all the enemy champions globally. That Poppy bug was so obnoxious that a lot of players even had 500+ kills in ranked games. Although Riot said they have banned all the players who abused the bugs and later fixed the issue.

And now, on Reddit, u/connorb99 found out another game-breaking bug. But this time the exploits are related to Thresh and Kayn.

From the clip, it can be seen that Thresh hooked Kayn at the time of his W, but soon after getting hooked, Kayn ulted Thresh, and Thresh tried to recast his Q. But at the time of this recast Thresh mysteriously gets under the tower and later gets teleported beside the blue pit!

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Image Via Riot Games

This clip led fans to wonder what actually happened in that situation. However, it is not the first time for Kayn to get involve in game-running bugs. Last year he had exploits that could hit all of his enemies at the same time with his W. Riot did fix that issue last year but it reappeared a few months ago which resulted in him getting disabled for quite some time and Riot had to refix him once again.

Fans are also thinking about why all the recent bugs are related to Kayn as well. As one fan said, “I’m actually so confused. Like how would it decide to teleport you there of all places. Kayn gonna start feeling like old morde soon.” Many players are also started to meme that Kayn might be the next Mordekaiser in terms of bugs.

But, Riot Games is already taking a look into this bug. And Riot Games’ Senior Gameplay Programmer RiotOphainim said, “I guess I’m looking at Kayn and Thresh scripts again here soon. Thanks for the report, sorry this happened! I can look at this the next time I take a stab at some bugs.”

We highly suggest not to recreate this type of game-breaking bugs in-game as it could result in getting a permanent ban.

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