Rainbow Six Siege x Halo Crossover Introduces Sledge Master Chief Elite Skin

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is finally receiving the Master Chief Elite Set for Sledge in a new crossover with Halo.

The much-awaited Sledge’s Master Chief elite skin has finally been released, and it looks as good as you might have thought. Master Chief is the main protagonist of Xbox’s Halo series and Ubisoft decided to bring him as an Elite skin in their own AAA FPS title Rainbow Six Siege.

The new elite skin is designed for Sledge, one of the most-used operators in Siege, and the skin fits him perfectly. Watch the reveal trailer below.

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R6S x Halo Master Chief Sledge Elite Set is Here

This brand-new elite set includes the Spartan-117 headgear and uniform inspired by the Master Chief’s armor in Halo Infinite, as well as a gadget skin that reimagines Sledge’s breaching hammer as a Banished Gravity Hammer. There are weapon skins for Sledge’s primary (M590A1 shotgun and L825A2 assault rifle) and secondary (P226 MK25 pistol) weapons, as well as Operator cards, a victory celebration, and the Cortana Chibi charm.

Ubisoft has been teaming up with various companies to bring crossover skins to Siege. Past collaborations have included skins inspired by Rick and Morty, the NieR Iana Elite set, WWE-themed skins, and more.

The Master Chief Elite is now available Siege players will be able to purchase this skin directly from the in-game with R6 Credits.

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