Rainbow Six Siege Warden Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadget, Tips, and More

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft, has experienced tremendous growth throughout the years that it has existed. The FPS title has recently stepped foot onto Year 8 of its lifespan with Operation Commanding Force. And the devs have promised to support the game for 10 more years, so Siege is here to stay.

Warden, the defending operator introduced in Y4S2 Operation Phantom Sight alongside Nokk, is a 2-speed 2-health defender. This US operator wears a classy suit, but you can also go for a more relaxed look with his Spec Ops: Beach Elite uniform.

Warden currently costs 10000 Renown or 240 R6 credits.

Warden Operator Guide


“I’m never unprepared.”

Collinn McKinley enrolled in the Marine Corps at 18 and earned several commendations in his service jacket for his aggressive quick-thinking, achieving Master Sergeant despite a few minor infractions on his record. After his third tour, he left the Marines and entered the Secret Service in close-protection detail. McKinley’s agility was instrumental in saving Secretary of State Baldwin’s life when insurgents attacked the U.S. diplomatic junket. Baldwin later went on to win the U.S. Presidential and requested McKinley be assigned to the Presidential Protective Division. McKinley has spent over a decade in Washington, protecting important political figures. He is the foremost expert in close protection detail, and with President Baldwin finishing his second term, McKinley has received high endorsements for his transition into Rainbow.

“McKinley adores his teams and he works well with others, but his connection to the Oval Office has instilled him with a sense of invulnerability. McKinley has made many enemies among politicians, businessmen, and Lobbyists; he’s a walking encyclopedia of their sins, and President Baldwin won’t be around to protect him anymore.

He is the sort of non-traditional approach we need to keep the military and law enforcement more agile and surgical, someone who understands coordination on a large scale. Unfortunately, that means I owe President Baldwin a 25-year old single malt Scotch for recommending McKinley; he’s insufferable when he’s right.”

— Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Best Weapon Loadout

Image: Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: MPX (SMG), M590A1(Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapon: SMG-12 (Machine Pistol), P-10C (Pistol)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Deployable Shield / Nitro Cell
  • Unique ability: GLANCE SMART GLASSES

Warden can pick either the MPX SMG or the M590A1 Shotgun as his primary weapon. The MPX SMG is known for its very low recoil pattern. Pairing this weapon with a 1.5x magnified scope increases its fragging potential by a big margin. We’ll suggest you take the MPX with the 1.5x, as you can hold much longer angles and play more aggressively around the map.

On the other hand, the M590A1 shotgun can do some serious damage if you land the shots. Similar to Smoke or Mute, the M590A1 Shotgun paired with the SMG-12 secondary will be a balanced loadout. This shotgun will only be viable for close-range gunfights if you can anchor in-site and hold tight corners. Additionally, the shotgun will allow Warden to open rotations and important angles to prepare the site for the Attackers’ push.

Warden has two options as his secondary weapon: the SMG-12 and P-10C. This SMG has one of the highest fire-rate in the game. The recoil of this gun might be a bit difficult to control for beginners, but once you master it, the SMG-12 can be very deadly, as you only need to land that one crucial headshot. We suggest using the Flash Hider for its attachment, but you could try other options, according to your liking.

Secondary Gadget

Warden has two great choices to pick from for his secondary gadget, which are the Deployable Shield and the Nitro Cell. Both the gadgets are good options, so the choice depends on what map and objective you are playing and the team game plan. The C4 can be used to deny plants, while the shield can help you hold crucial spots on a map.

Unique Ability


Warden’s primary gadget is called the ‘Glance Smart Glasses.’ These smart glasses allow Warden to see through Smoke and counter Attackers from pushing through it to execute their plan. Not only that, Warden can activate his glasses to prevent being flashed by Stun Grenades, Ying, or even Blitz. If you are already blinded, you can activate the glass then to clear out the blinding effects.

However, Warden’s ability to see through Smoke decreases as he starts to move, similar to Glaz’s mechanic. The quicker he moves, the quicker his vision through smoke dissipates. When using the glasses, players can use the two curved bars on the side of the screen, which shows the level of visibility Warden posses, so try not to shift your position too much when the glasses are activated.

Here’s how movement affects Warden’s visibility (collected from Rainbow Six Fandom)

  • While sprinting, visibility through smokes decreases at 50% per second.
  • While walking, visibility through smokes decreases at 40% per second.
  • While crouch walking, visibility through smokes decreases at 33% per second.
  • While slow walking, visibility through smokes decreases at 20% per second.
  • While standing still, visibility through smokes will completely recharge in one second.

The Smart Glasses run on a charge and can be activated infinite times. Once activated, the charge runs for 20 seconds but quickly recharges in 9 seconds. But you need at least 20% of the charge bar to fill before you are able to activate it again.

Tips and Tricks:

(i) You can pair Warden with Smoke, as Warden can also see through the yellow cloud of smoke from Smoke’s gas canisters.

(ii) Check the default cams early in the round to see what the Attackers bring. If you see a Glaz or Ying, playing safe around the objective will be wise.

(iii) Many Warden players often forget to activate their glasses even when being stunned. So try not to get tunnel-visioned.

How to counter Warden?

Glaz can counter Warden as he also has a similar ability to see through Smokes, but at the same time, Warden can also counter Glaz. IQ can use her gadget to track Warden when he is using the Smart Glasses. But, Warden will most likely use his gadgets from a safe spot, so detecting his glasses using IQ won’t be much of a help.

Additionally, like all electronic devices, Thatcher can temporarily disable Warden’s gadget. So as there is no direct counter to Warden, be prepared to Attack from multiple spots, especially if you plan on using Glaz, Ying, or Blitz in your attacking lineup.

Should you pick Warden?

Warden can single-handedly counter the aggressive plays from Ying, Glaz, and even Blitz, so his gadget can be very powerful if used correctly. Playing more with the glasses will teach you when to move with the activated glasses and when not to. However, if you don’t want to play around the objective, using the MPX and 1.5x, you can play aggressively and roam around the map, trying to get some early frags. Therefore, we do recommend players unlock Warden, but he is not a must-pick on all maps or bomb sites.

Sadnan Nafis is a Senior Esports Writer at GameRiv. Sadnan has a love-hate relationship with Rainbow Six Siege. He loves to keep himself updated with new tech videos and is always ready to help others.