Rainbow Six Siege Osa Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadget, Tips, and more

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has grown massively over the years. The game recently stepped onto Y6S3 with the Operation Crystal Guard update, which brought a new shield operator named ‘Osa’.

Osa: the 2-speed, 2-health operator is the 31st attacker to join Team Rainbow. Unlike Montagne, Blitz or Fuze, Osa is bringing a transparent shield on offence. She even boasts strong firepower, making her much more flexible than the other three shield operators.

Osa was released with Y6S3 Crystal Guard on September 7th; however, only players with the seasonal battle pass had early access to use this new operator. But the two-week exclusive access period is now over, so you can now buy Osa with 25,000 renown or 600 R6 credits. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Osa.

Osa Operator Guide

Best Weapon Loadout

r6s osa best loadout
Image: Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: 556XI (AR), PDW9 (SMG)
  • Secondary Weapon: PMM (Pistol)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Smoke Grenade / Claymore
  • Unique ability: Talon-8 Clear Shield

As her primary weapon, Osa has the option of picking either Thermite’s 556XI Assault Rifle or Jackal’s PDW9 SMG. While these guns might not have the best stats, both of them have a quite easy-to-control recoil pattern, making them suitable for new players.

If your gameplay roams around holding long angles, then the 556XI AR with the extended 2.0x scope will be the recommended choice. However, for most players, the PDW9 should be the better option, as it has a higher fire rate, which is key in a one-shot headshot game like Siege.

As her secondary weapon, Osa’a only option is the PMM pistol, which can pack a serious punch when you are out of ammo on your primary. But, you won’t need the secondary much when running the PDW9, which has a magazine capacity of 50.

Secondary Gadget

For her secondary gadget, Osa can bring either Smoke grenades or a Claymore. Osa is a support-based attacker, so when playing her, you should try to plant the defuser for your team, and Smoke grenades can be very valuable at those moments.

Unique Ability

osa talon-8 gadget
Image: Ubisoft

Osa brings the unique Talon-8 Clear Shield into the battlefield. This transparent tactical shield offers attackers bulletproof cover in otherwise exposed positions. Unlike the Defenders’ deployable shields, the Talon-8 shield is slightly taller and protects Osa’s head when she carries it (your feet will remain slightly exposed when walking with it). The shield is see-through from both sides, so keep in mind that your enemies can also see when standing behind the cover.

Just like the new Mira window shatter mechanic, when placed down, the transparent shield’s glass can be shattered that removes its see-through abilities. Also similar to Mira’ Black Mirror there is a gas canister on one side of the Talon-8 shield that can be shot to bring down the shield.

The Talon-8 can absorb an infinite amount of bullets; however, explosives such as impact grenades and nitro cells will destroy it easily. Osa has 2 of these transparent shields in her arsenal, so you can put them in long hallways or place them on windows to create strong lines of sight. But you can also choose a more aggressive playstyle by using the transparent shield like Clash and destabilise defenders positions.

Should you pick Osa?

Osa is currently one of the best support operators you can pick. When playing this operator, you should be primarily looking to drop your shield down on-site and protect the planter.


(i) You can place the Talon-8 shield while rappeling upside down, providing you with a unique angle near the bottom frame of the window.

(ii) Drop one of your two shields early, as even if you die early in the round, your teammates can make use of them later in the round.

(iii) While this may not be the most effective use of resources, you can make a small breach on electrified walls using Ace’s SELMA gadget on an Osa shield that is placed directly beside a wall. (video)

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