Rainbow Six Siege’s Warden receives his first Elite Skin

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced a brand-new Rainbow Six Siege Elite Skin, and this time it features the American operator Warden.

While some leaks have already revealed an upcoming Warden elite skin, the official release is now here, and it looks relaxing.

YouTube video

It seems like Warden has finally taken a vacation, as his new Elite Skin provides him a beach outfit with the Hawaiian shirt.

Warden’s Spec Ops: Beach Elite Set includes:

  • Spec Ops: Beach uniform
  • Headgear
  • Victory Dance
  • Operator card
  • Gadget Glasses skin
  • Weapon Skin for the SMG-12, P-10C, MPX and M590A1
  • Elite Warden Chibi charm

Give the bold Warden, wearing a black suit and blue tie, a much-needed vacation with this new elite set. Warden, with the new relaxed outfit, looks happy to enjoy his Piña Colada on the map of Coastline.

Players will be able to purchase Warden’s Elite Bundle from the in-game shop for 1800 R6 Credits.

Warden Ability

If you already didn’t know, Warden’s primary gadget is his Glance Smart Glasses, using which he can see through smoke. Activating his Smart Glasses can also prevent Warden from being blinded by flash effects, or cleanse an existing flash blindness, salvaging an otherwise dangerous few seconds. However, the Glance’s thermal vision only works as long as Warden stays immobile; otherwise, he is affected by smoke the same as everyone else.

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