Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadget, Tips, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has grown massively over the years. The FPS game recently stepped onto its Year 7, reaching over 80 million players in 2022.

Thorn: the 2-speed, the 2-health operator is the 31st defender to join Team Rainbow. While Thorn’s Razorbloom Shells might have seemed a little underwhelming during the reveal, her traps are still very deadly and allow the players to be more creative.

Thorn was released with Y6S4 High Calibre on Nov. 30th, 2021. Players who bought the Y6S4 Battle Pass got Thorn for free, but you can now unlock her with 25,000 renown or 600 R6 credits. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with this exciting new operator.

Thorn Operator Guide


Brianna “Thorn” Skehan is the new Irish operator introduced in Y6S4 High Calibre. Thorn grew up on a farm in a part of Ireland known for two things: horse racing and military training. For several generations, her family was heavily involved with both. When she wasn’t outwrestling one of her five older brothers, she was helping her parents breed and raise thoroughbreds for the tracks as well as for the mounted division of Ireland’s national police force. It’s a Hawthorn family tradition to eventually abandon farm life for the military, as it’s considered to be “easier”. Thorn, however, chose to follow the horses and joined the Garda Síochána.

After four years of impeccable service she applied for the Garda’s elite tactical branch, the Emergency Response Unit. Only five percent of applicants pass the grueling two-week entrance exam. Thorn not only finished top of her class, but would routinely assist other applicants through the training gauntlet.

She quickly rose through the ranks as a tactical weapons expert and helped re-design the unit’s obstacle course, referring to the former design as a “walk in the park.” Word of her course reached the ears of Caveira, who upon barely completing the training exclaimed with exhaustion “You want a job?”

Best Weapon Loadout

thorn weapon loadout
Image: Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: UZK50GI (SMG), M870 (Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapon: 1911 TACOPS (Pistol), C75 AUTO (Machine Pistol)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Deployable Shield / Barbed Wire
  • Unique ability: Razorbloom Shell

As her primary weapon, Thorn has the option of picking the brand-new UZK50GI SMG or the M870 Shotgun. The UZK50GI is one of the newest guns to be introduced to Siege. While the gun might look small, it can pack some serious punch.

If you want to take short-range fights, the M870 Shotgun could come in handy. But for most players, the UZK50GI will be the better option, as it has an easy-to-control recoil and higher fire rate, which is key in a one-shot headshot game like Siege. Also, most gunfights in this game take place in short to medium range, so the SMG will be a more versatile option.

As her secondary weapon, Thorn’s options are the 1911 TACOPS and the C75 AUTO. Here, we will strongly suggest you bring the C75, as it is an auto-firing weapon that will make it easier to take down the enemy rather than the single-fire Pistol.

Secondary Gadget

As her secondary gadget, Thorn can pick barbed wires or a deployable shield. The barbed wires can assist you in slowing down the Attackers, while the Razorbloom detonates near them. However, in this current meta, the deployable shield will be a better option, as it is another hindrance for the Attackers to clear before pushing the site.

Unique Ability

Image: Ubisoft

Thorn brings her detonating Razorbloom Shells in the game. This unique trap gadget is a proximity grenade that can be thrown and attached to any surface, similar to Ela’s Grizmot mines. Once the Attackers get into the proximity of the Razorbloom, the gadget starts a timer and explodes shortly after. This detonation is automatic and the shrapnel shoots out in every direction, dealing lethal damage to enemies.

However, there are certain counters to this trap operator. Firstly, when the Attackers come into the radius of the gadget, they will get a sound and HUD notification of setting off the trap. Within the short detonation timer, Attackers will be able to destroy the Razorbloom Shell or run away from its 3m radius to avoid taking any damage. However, as Attackers, do be careful not to get too distracted when destroying the activated Razorbloom, as Defenders might aggressively push while you are distracted. The best counter would be to drone these traps early and safely take them down with Twitch Drones, Zero’s Argus Cameras, or disable them with Thatcher’s emp grenades.

Thorn has a total of 3 Razorbloom Shells in her arsenal, and all are available at the start of the prep phase. So you should be placing all of these traps during the prep phase. We will recommend you place them in high-traffic areas on the map, and to learn about these areas you need to have a good map knowledge. So the more you play, the more you will learn about the important choke points of the maps.

Should you pick Thorn?

Thorn is currently one of the most creative Trap operators you can pick. When playing this operator, you need to be creative as her gadget has great potential. So anticipate your enemies’ move, and make them feel uncomfortable as they try to execute their plan. Once you place down all of your gadgets, you can roam or even anchor the site with Thorn.


(i) Place the Razorbloom Shells on surfaces that are not easily visible to Attackers, such as under benches.

(ii) Placing the trap on stairs is an easy way to slow down Attackers from pushing or even getting a kill.

(iii) Try to learn the default plant positions of the bombsite, and place one of your traps near it, so Attackers trying to plant the defuser at the last moment will get a lethal surprise.

(iv) Pair Thorn with other Defenders who can slow down the Attackers such as Clash or Melusi. It would be very difficult for Attackers to destroy Thorn’s trap while being slowed down.

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